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10 Healthy Reasons to Drink Coffee

Coffee is a beverage of 21st century. People from all over the world are in the craze about it. Coffee addicts did a lot of medical researches and surveys to prove it to anti-coffee individuals that coffee is beneficial for health, and it can make you strong and healthy. Although medical science has emerged with a lot of healthy reason of drinking coffee but here, we are providing you with few of them.

10 Healthy Reasons to Drink Coffee-caribbeangreenliving.com
10 Healthy Reasons to Drink Coffee
  1. Coffee can chop out the skeletal muscle pain, caused by the workout. A cup of coffee after the workout can make you feel relieved. A medical research proved it that the muscle pain can be reduced with the help of coffee up to 48%.
  1. Coffee can also assist in improving the liver condition, as it can lower the risk of liver cirrhosis in a person. A survey report in the United Kingdom proves the fact that coffee drinkers have a better liver condition in comparison to the people who prefer tea over coffee. It is also proved medically that the level of liver enzymes can be decreased with the help of caffeinated as well as decaffeinated coffee.
  1. Coffee help to lower the risk of type II diabetes. Research proved that the people who drink 4-5 cups of coffee a day had the lower risk of getting affected by diseases up to 22%. A research also conducted at Harvard showing that the individual who is taking a cup of coffee lowered the risk of type II diabetes up to 9%.
  1. Alzheimer’s diseases affect people in their elder age. Individuals who took 3-4 cups of coffee a day are less affected by Alzheimer’s, and though lead a healthy life. It is also proved medically in European Journal of Neurology that caffeine helps in reducing the risk factor of Alzheimer.
  1. The coffee drinkers are less likely attacked by the heart diseases. It is analyzed in a survey that the people who took 4-6 cups coffee a day, did not get affected by the heart diseases, and are less likely to show the early signs of it. Some of the nutritionists also suggest adding the coffee in diet as a prevention of heart attack.
  1. Comprehensive research in Brazil found that the people who drink black coffee did not get affected by the tooth cavities because the black coffee kills the bacteria in teeth and prevent them from decaying.
  1. Coffee is a main source of anti-oxidants. Previously, the fruits and vegetables were acknowledge to be the source of anti-oxidants, but now coffee took the place of it. The human body absorb more anti-oxidants from coffee than vegetables and fruits. Anti-oxidants help to maintain the body mechanism, contribute to reduce body weight, and prevent the headache etc.
  1. Coffee keeps your brain healthier for a longer time. A survey at University of Miami and the University of Florida on 120000 individuals between the ages of 45-60 found that 43% people are not suffering with severe disease in their older age, later on, it was discovered that they were coffee drinkers from a long time.
  1. Coffee also improves the memory and thinking abilities of a person, thus helps in reducing the risk factor of cognitive decline, which affect the memory. It also helps in reducing the attacking factor of dementia. It is proved scientifically that drinking 305 cups coffee a day, reduces the factor of dementia up to 65%.
  1. Many researchers have found that coffee helps in lowering the rate of depression in both male and female. It is studied that the people who took 3-5 cups coffee a day, are stronger in handling the stress, and less likely to suffered from depression.

So, now I hope you know a lot about the reasons that why people prefer to have coffee not only because they like it but also because it has many positive effects on health. Try to taste different types of coffees, as every coffee has its own taste and benefits. To make a good coffee you can use . But the thing to remember is to take coffee in moderate portion.




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