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10 Kitchen Gadgets under $10 you need to have

We all want that wow factor when we’re serving our meals created with our favorite kitchen gadgets.  But it is not easy when we are on a tight budget. Finding the right items to take your cooking to the next level is not complicated. You need to make sure you have the necessary items and then gradually upgrade as you become more experienced in the kitchen.

These are our favorite kitchen gadgets and tools to help you create simple, tasty dishes. They will cost you $10 or less, and you won’t even feel bad when shopping for them.

Here’s our short list:

A Garlic Peeler is a must to have. I use fresh garlic in many recipes. There is nothing more annoying than trying to remove the peel from garlic. Use this garlic peeler to remove the peel and watch it comes right off.

Lemon Squeezer – help to squeeze the juice out of your lime or lemon. I use mine quite often especially when I need to clean my meat or make fresh lemonade.

Nutmeg Grater – This wonderful gadget is essential in both cooking and baking. You get freshly ground nutmeg within seconds. Also ideal for ginger, garlic, citrus, chocolate, and cheese. It’s a bargain when on sale.

Tongs – I’ve always used tongs with silicone tips for many reasons. One of the most important reason is temperature. They are very handy and suitable for frying, sauteing and even stirring your pasta noodles.

Large Sheet Pan – it is always a good idea to have a couple of sheet pan. You don’t need a sheet pan only for baked goods. I use mine also as trays for my baking dishes. Much easier to carry to and from the oven and also it catches anything that spill while your food is cooking in the oven.

Knife Sharpener – Overtime many kitchen knives become dull and difficult to use. Instead of buying new knives all the time, get a knife sharpener. It helps to spend less money on knives.

Burger Press – how many times have we all wished that our burger had the perfect shape. I know I have! I make burgers very often during all seasons and having a burger press helps.

Egg Separator – sometimes you don’t want your hand as a vessel to separate your egg. Having an egg separator helps avoid cross-contamination.

Silicone Baking Mats – perfect for cookies and other baked goods. I mostly use mine for baking cookies. No mess and not need to scrape the pan.

Trivet/Pot Holder, Spoon Rest, Jar Opener, Coaster a multi-purpose gadget, what else can we ask for? 


Always remember that prices fluctuate. You may find any of the items listed above below $10 one day and the next day above $10. We tried to least the most convenient and budget-friendly tools. We are not price experts or professional product reviewers. The reviews and suggestions are our own opinion and not influenced by the manufacturers.

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