10 Reasons to buy your produce at your Local Farmers Markets

10 Reasons to buy your produce at your Local Farmers Markets. Always 100% fresh! What else can you ask for? Many varieties of fruits and vegetables are at their peak this season and what is better than indulging in healthy and fresh produce? Not forgetting eggs and dairy products, freshly delivered? Here are 10 reasons to buy your produce at your local farmers markets:



1. Seasonal Fruits and Vegetables


Local Farmers sell fruits and vegetables that are in season which means that they are at their freshness. From the time the fruits and vegetables are handpicked and delivered to the market to be sold, a short amount of time has lapsed and the flavors are mouthwatering by the time they get to your table. This way you get the full flavors of your fruits and vegetables.


2. Taste is always important


Taste is very important because that is how you can determine the freshness of your fruits and vegetables. When the fruits and vegetables are only harvested when ready, they are guaranteed to be full of flavors. Local farmers only harvest when it is time. They let Mother Nature finish what she has started to deliver healthy values and healthy lifestyle.


3. Avoid mass-produced and buy locally

IMG_8267Many grocery stores often carry food that are highly processed and have been genetically modified and not to say the least grown with the use of pesticides. Many large agribusinesses also use transportation techniques such as waxing to keep the fruits looking fresh while carrying them to their destination. If we take apples for example, you will find many safety notices about why it is important to wash them before eating. Most food sold by local farmers has been insignificantly processed therefore the negative effects on human health are minimal.


4. Protect the environment


Farmers do not travel long distances to deliver foods for sale to a farmer’s market and also may not travel at all if their produce is sold on site that minimizes methods that would impact the environment. Large agribusinesses use methods that impact the environment because of bulk items that required long distance shipping and extra packaging. Therefore the impact is much greater, large amount of fuels contributes to pollution and the extra packaging creates more trash.


5. Greater health benefits


The saying “farm to table” is literally being practice by all small farmers. When buying produce at the farmers market you know that it is fresh from the farm and whom you are buying it from. Farmers take pride in their work and are always eager to answer all your questions. Whether the question pertains to how the fruit or vegetable was grown, the health benefit are greater because you know whatever you are buying is fresh and healthier.


6. Varieties are endless


Farmers markets offer fresh and unique varieties of fruits and vegetables that are usually not available in large markets. You will find many varieties of tomatoes, peaches, peppers, carrots, and even eatable flowers. With so many varieties, you can be very creative with your recipes.


7. Fresh animal and dairy products


Enjoy farm-fresh eggs, grass-fed beef, homemade cheeses, sweet honey and more products that you may not find in large stores. Farmers raise animals without hormones or antibiotics.


8. Support and Learn


When buying local you show support because most farmers’ market vendors are small family farmers. You support their work and financially help their business and motivate them to continue their hard work. Farmers love to educate and share their farming process. If you are interested in learning more about a particular farmer, the Farmers Market website shares useful information about each farmer.


9. Meal ideas and cooking tips


Farmers, ranchers, and artisans at the farmers market are often passionate cooks with plenty of free advice about how to cook the foods they are selling. They sometimes have seasonal cooking demonstration and food preservation classes available for the public.


10. Connect with Your Community


Coming to the farmers market on a nice sunny day makes shopping a pleasure rather than a chore. A trip to the market is a wonderful activity for the whole family. Enjoy the fresh air and shop for fresh and healthy produce.

The above are just 10 reasons to buy your produce at your local farmers markets. There are other reasons that may be personal, but the most important factor is health. Farm to table is the only way to assure the freshness of your produce while protecting the environment and supporting your local farmers.



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