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15 Easy Caribbean Recipes You Can Make

How to make 15 Easy Caribbean Recipes Today!

How to make 15 Easy Caribbean Recipes Today!

If you’re looking for Caribbean Recipes, you are in the right place. Many Caribbean recipes may look challenging to recreate, and some may look challenging. The challenge may be finding ingredients that you don’t know or have not heard of. Or maybe you have seen the ingredients and are not sure how to cook them.

For example, many people still don’t know how to cook plantains. Better yet, Chayote or Chocho, or Mirliton is one ingredient that I still get asked about whenever I visit my local supermarket. It is one ingredient also that I don’t find in abundance.

How about papaya? Now, that’s one fruit I see more people buying. Did you know that there’s a lot you can do with papaya? This excellent fruit is so versatile that you can create a salad, a stew, and a smoothie.

How about Herbs and Spices

Many cooks are intimidated by herbs and spices. There are many reasons they are afraid of using herbs and spices, and one major might be because they only use garlic, salt, and pepper.

For many years now, we have been exposed to other cultures and cuisines. The internet has allowed us to learn about the health benefits of spices and herbs on using them in recipes. We are also learning about different types of diets that help us maintain the lifestyle we want.

The following herbs and spices are common in Caribbean cuisine and are worth remembering that they are essential.

  • Parsley: the stems as well as the leaves can be used to complement most savory dishes. Parsley adds lots of flavor to dishes and especially meat. Great for garnishing also.
  • Scallions: also called green onions or spring onions. Use to season meat, poultry, and seafood. Also great for garnishing.
  • Cloves: mainly used whole, although available ground, cloves have a warm, sweet, pungent aroma. Very common in Caribbean cuisine and great in grains dishes, meat, and poultry dishes.
  • Thyme: available fresh or dried, thyme has a pungent flavor. It complements many meat and poultry dishes.

Garlic, salt, pepper, parsley, scallions, cloves, and thyme are a must in every Caribbean home.

Herbs and Spices for Cooking
Herbs and Spices for Cooking

Here are 15 recipes for you to add to your repertoire.

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