17 Spring Vegetables bursting with Fresh Flavor

spring vegetables

Spring has sprung! As the days lengthen and the sun warms the earth, a vibrant array of fresh Spring vegetables peeks its head above the ground. Gone are the heavy root vegetables of winter, replaced by a chorus of crisp, tender, and bursting-with-flavor spring produce.

This season is the perfect time to get creative in the kitchen and incorporate these fresh flavors into your meals. From salads bursting with color to light and healthy stir-fries, here are 17 spring vegetables to inspire your culinary adventures:

The Classics:

  • Carrots: These versatile roots come in a rainbow of colors – orange, purple, yellow – and add a touch of sweetness to roasted dishes, slaws, or crudités.
  • Peas: Sweet and delightful, peas can be enjoyed fresh, shelled, or snapped whole in pods for a satisfying crunch. Toss them into salads, stir-fries, or simply enjoy them raw with a sprinkle of sea salt. One of the best ways to enjoy peas is with Rice with Djon Djon Mushroom or Diri ak DjonDjon.
  • Radishes: With their vibrant red exteriors and peppery bite, radishes add a delightful zip to salads, slaws, or crudités. Try thinly sliced watermelon radishes for a milder flavor, or juice them for a dose of essential antioxidants.
spring vegetables
spring vegetables

Leafy Greens:

  • Spinach: Tender and packed with vitamins, spinach is a superstar in salads, wilted as a side dish, or blended into smoothies.
  • Arugula: This peppery green adds a sophisticated touch to salads, sandwiches, or even pizzas.
  • Kale: A powerhouse of nutrients, kale can be enjoyed raw in salads, massaged with olive oil for a milder flavor, or sautéed with garlic.
spring vegetables
spring vegetables

The Brassicas:

  • Asparagus: The quintessential spring vegetable, asparagus boasts a subtle sweetness and earthy flavor. Roast, grill, or simply steam these tender spears for a quick and delicious side dish.
  • Beets: Earthy and slightly sweet, beets come in red, golden, and chioggia varieties (with stunning candy-cane striped flesh). Roast them whole, shred them raw for salads, or pickle them for a tangy treat.
  • Broccoli: Florets and tender stalks alike, broccoli is a nutritional powerhouse. Enjoy it roasted, steamed, or stir-fried.
spring vegetables
spring vegetables

The Allium Family:

  • Garlic & Shallots: These pungent aromatics form the base of countless dishes. Sauté them in olive oil to add depth of flavor to any recipe. They are excellent in providing a depth of delicious flavors along with fresh Thyme in Haitian Creole Sauce.
  • Spring onions: Milder than their bulb counterparts, spring onions add a bright, oniony flavor to salads, stir-fries, Haitian Epis or simply chopped as a garnish.
spring vegetables
spring vegetables

Specialty Spring Vegetables:

  • Celery: This crunchy stalk adds a refreshing element to salads, slaws, and crudités or is an add-on for juicing with other vegetables and fruits.
  • Sorrel: With a unique lemony flavor, sorrel is a delicious green for soups and sauces.
  • Herbs: Spring is the time for fresh herbs like chives, dill, parsley, and cilantro. Add them to brighten up any dish, from salads to roasted vegetables.
spring vegetables
spring vegetables

Tips for Cooking with Spring Vegetables:

  • Look for vegetables at your local farmers market for the freshest flavors and to support local growers.
  • Wash vegetables thoroughly before consuming.
  • Many spring vegetables cook quickly, so avoid overcooking to preserve their vibrant colors and textures.

With these 17 spring vegetables as your guide, get ready to embrace the season’s bounty and create dishes that are both delicious and nutritious!


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