4 Pantry Staples I Always Have in My Kitchen

4 Pantry Staples I Always Have in My Kitchen

If you are anything like I am, then you probably have several items in your pantry that you feel always need to be in stock. These are items that you use regularly, and that tends to run out quickly, and they are items that you feel you can’t do without. While your list might vary, the following are some of the essential pantry staples I always have in my kitchen.

Hot Sauce

Hot sauce is incredible, and it is more versatile than many people might realize. It is a great way to add some flavor to nearly any dish out there. It works on meats, vegetables, snacks, and much more. It’s also affordable, and you can never have enough stored up in the pantry. You might want to have several different types of hot sauce stored. It’s the easiest and tastiest way to add some kick to your food.

Noubess Condiments
Noubess Condiments


At the opposite end of the spectrum from hot sauce comes honey. This is a quality, versatile sweetener that you can use for baking, for putting in tea, for putting on toast and a host of other reasons. You can use it for salad dressings, and even marinades. A sweet and spicy marinade with honey and hot sauce tastes great. It also happens to help soothe coughs, and it will last for many years on the shelf.

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Beans should be a staple on everyone’s shelf in the pantry. They are very affordable, they are easy to add to a meal, and they are a good source of protein and fiber. Many different types of beans are available, so find those that you and your family and enjoy and are likely to use a lot of, and then stock up. You can choose canned or dried beans. Both will last a long time.

Tomatoes, salad leaves, beans and rice on a wooden table
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Along the same line as beans come rice. Rice is a quick-to-make food that’s filling, and that can be used as a side for many meals out there. It’s also affordable, and it is going to last for many years. Again, make sure to stock up on a lot of it at once when you find a good deal on it.

White Rice
White Rice

These are four staples that I tend to keep in my pantry, and that you might want to consider adding to your pantry if they are not there already.

4 Pantry Staples I Always Have in My Kitchen
4 Pantry Staples I Always Have in My Kitchen

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