5 Foods that Help Lower Stress

5 Foods that Help Lower Stress

Last updated on September 20th, 2021 at 07:01 pm

Today’s world is busy, even in paradise I am assuming. With all the extra things you have to squeeze into your schedule, it’s no wonder that many of us experience stress on a regular basis. Stress is known to be a leading cause of many serious problems. It also creates a vicious circle of poor health as we all know.

When you’re trying to treat your stress in a way that fits your green lifestyle, you may decide to avoid medications or wasteful products. You may also try meditation and exercise to try to naturally lower your stress. Certain types of foods have been proven to help lower stress levels. Organic foods and non-processed foods are on the list. Here are five foods that have natural ingredients to help fight stress the next time you are feeling overwhelmed.

5 Foods that Help Lower Stress
5 Foods that Help Lower Stress


Wild caught salmon is full of omega-3 fats that have been shown by many studies to reduce depression and anxiety. Salmon works to keep your adrenaline from spiking, which causes the feeling of anxiety. You can also get a good serving of omega-3 fats from grass-fed beef and sardines. There’s no actual daily consumption recommendation but adding it to your diet is healthful.

Spicy Roasted Salmon, salmon, fresh salmon, wild caught salmon, salmon health benefits, cooking salmon
Spicy Roasted Salmon

Fresh, commercially packaged and canned salmon are readily available in most supermarkets. Salmon, in general, is not difficult to cook. There are tons of recipes available on the web and cookbooks that provide details instructions on how to cook salmon. Whether you choose to eat salmon, in a salad, pasta, or sandwich, a proper diet is a key to a sustainable lifestyle.


Avocado is a favorite “superfood” lately for a good reason. They contain potassium and B vitamins, along with 18 other essential nutrients, that help lower blood pressure and also help keep your blood sugar levels steady. That goes a long way towards keeping your mood stable throughout the day. If you aren’t fond of avocados, bananas are another excellent source of these nutrients.



Dark Chocolate

Yes, it’s true — you can eat chocolate for your health! We are talking about eating chocolate at moderation just to possibly help you lower your stress level. The stress hormone within the body is called cortisol. Dark chocolate contains a chemical that blocks the brain from interpreting cortisol, allowing you a chance to calm down naturally.

Broken chocolate bar and spices
Broken chocolate bar and spices

Dr. Axe has a very detailed article about dark chocolate. Some of the benefits of eating dark chocolate are potential cancer prevention, improve heart health, blood pressure and blood aid sugar. There have been many blind tests conducted about chocolate consumption. The tests proved that a daily serving of dark chocolate can improve a person’s mood significantly.


The tryptophan that sends you to sleep after a big Thanksgiving meal has a lot more benefits than just filling you up. It also promotes the production of serotonin in the brain, a feel-good chemical that reduces the symptoms of stress and anxiety. In addition to organic turkey breast, this amino acid is found in eggs, pumpkin seeds, and nuts.

Fresh Herbs Roasted Turkey
Roasted Turkey

Adding healthier side dishes may help reduce sleep symptoms. Leafy greens are great alternatives to carbs and starch side dishes. But again, balanced meals that include portion control is one of the best ways to satisfy most cravings during the holidays.


The antioxidant that gives a blueberry its dark color is responsible for many stress-busting processes in the body. Anthocyanin, a healthy and powerful antioxidant, is found in blueberries and many other fruits such as blackberries and peaches. It promotes the production of white blood cells that boost your immune system, and it helps produce the feel-good chemical dopamine, which improves your mood, memory, and coordination. Blueberries are low in calories and make great juices and smoothies.


Using food to treat your stress helps you avoid chemical-laden medicines and can be a boost to your fitness goals.








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