5 rules to live by for a successful and fun road trip.

5 rules to live by for a successful and fun road trip

Throughout our lifetime we will be taking countless road trips. Some short and some long. Many unplanned and many planned. But what if one day you wanted to create the ultimate fun road trip?

You are finally ready to take a few days off from work, separate yourself from the daily mundane tasks, and forget all about your problems. What do you do to relieve stress? You decide to plan a road trip to destress, enjoy nature, and have fun

There are many rules to successfully plan a road trip. Over the years I have learned that there’s a science to planning a stress-free road trip. Here are my 5 planning rules.

5 rules to live by for a successful and fun road trip.
5 rules to live by for a successful and fun road trip.

Choose your travel companion(s) wisely

Choosing the right travel companion is critical. Believe it or not, this is a very important factor in many of the decisions you will be making while traveling, topics of conversation, and food selections. When traveling with an unhealthy companion, we tend to eat unhealthy. When we travel with a boring companion, we fall asleep at the wheel, we get bored and end up talking to ourselves to make time pass. Have you experienced that before?

Bring healthy snacks

Snacking is a must while traveling. You don’t need to bring gourmet food or gourmet snacks. Bring enough healthy snacks that will help you stay energized and alert.

Create a separate budget to buy food while on the road

Budgeting!!! Here’s that word again. A word we fear when on vacation. Not having a budget might affect the way you eat. When you create a budget you already know the type of foods you can eat and what you cannot eat. A budget will help you stay on target with your diet goals. A good idea would be to virtually check out the rest areas if you can before the trip. This way you can plan on where to eat and not go over budget.

Avoid dehydration

When driving long distances, your muscles get stiffed due to lack of movements. Sitting for long periods of time will make you feel cramped, sore and stiff. Stopping to stretch is not the only solution. When we’re on the road we try not to drink lots of fluids because the more liquid we drink the more trips to the restrooms, the longer the trip will be.

Dehydration can cause muscle tightness and cramping. Drinking an adequate amount of water will help avoid dehydration and muscles stiffness.

Dress comfortably

Packing for your road trip is one thing, but what are you going to wear in the car? Just because you’re going to be sitting in a car for hours doesn’t mean you should not look your best. Wear comfortable clothing and comfortable shoes. Wear layers, something loose fitting, minimal accessories if you get uncomfortable and puffy on long trips, and lastly, cotton is the preferred clothing material for comfort.

What do you wear on road trips? Also, what’s your favorite car snack?

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