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6 Amazing Benefits of Olive Oil You Must Know


Over the years, the use of olive oil for several purposes has been ongoing. People have given a lot of attention to olive oil for skin care treatment and several health benefits. Studies indicate that olive oil is capable of improving the quality of life for those who consume it. The users may live longer than those who do not consume olive oil. It is used for many purposes than just in food. In fact, it is known for the best skin and hair care. It also acts as a remedy for some of the ailments. It is also included or added to salads that people take. It has good and great rewards apart from being consumed. Let’s explore and learn about the best uses and benefits that amazingly result from the use olive oil.

  1. Healthy Heart

The body needs the omega 3 fats in olive oil for the sake of healthy brain and heart. The fats are crucial for ensuring that the blood flows well and at the right speed while providing all organs with nutrients and oxygen. The product is also vital for its provision of antioxidants that are important for the general health of the body. Antioxidants help in the prevention of the radical attacks that may negatively affect the brain and the other body organs. The antioxidants also work in the prevention of oxidative stress in the body of the user. It is thus essential to use more of olive oil to provide the body with these benefits. Low rates of coronary heart conditions are registered among persons who use olive oil a lot.

6 amazing benefits of olive oil you must know - caribbeangreenliving.com
6 amazing benefits of olive oil you must know
  1. Heals Burns Faster and Speeds Wounds Healing

The oil has a lot of vitamins. Healing of burns is thus made possible due to the available vitamin when one uses the oil. The oil has the abilities to speed up and fasten the rate of healing of burns.  They also discourage the infection of wounds by the harmful organism or pathogens. Application of olive oil can help in treating burns. However, consuming the oil can help in reducing the recovery time from the wounds or the burns. It is capable of lowering and reducing inflammation levels in the body.

  1. Skin Health and Erasing Stretch Marks

Olive oil makes the skin and the hair shine. The natural oil provides a remedy for the stretch marks that may be on the skin. Applying the oil works in the elimination of the marks together with reducing fine lines and wrinkles. It also reduces both skin dryness and flakiness. The oil when used on the hair helps in keeping it vibrant and shiny. It also helps in giving the users a healthy, long and beautiful hair. The same is used for the treatment and elimination of ailments related to the skin. Such ailments include diaper rash and also alleviation of eczema.

  1. Aids the Recovery of Athletes

The oil can be used to remedy joint pains and athletes. It has the effects of soothing and causing relaxation effects for the joints and the muscles. It is essential for use especially in sporting events where injuries are likely to occur. It is also effective in the reduction and alleviating muscle fatigue. It is still vital and crucial in the improvement of flexibility.

  1. A Natural Sunscreen

Olive oil works well as a natural sunscreen. You can skip the use of sunscreens that contain chemicals. Traditionally, people used this oil as a sunscreen. Unfortunately, the use of chemical sunscreen has reduced the rate of use of the oil. People need to re-embrace the use of the oil for the protection of the skin against the damages of the sun.

  1. Promoting Smooth Skin

Rubbing the oil on the skin regularly is enough to get you a smooth and radiant skin in a week. Also, it keeps the skin nourished. It helps in reducing wrinkles also. Regular consumption of the oil also proves to have the benefits and advantages of the overall health. Both consuming and applying olive oil benefits the skin. The oil has effects of moisturizing the skin and the hair. The vitamin E presence helps in ensuring that both the skin and the hair remain moisturized. Other than these uses, the oil is crucial for use in removing makeup. It does this softly and does not require users to scrub.

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In a nutshell, use of olive oil is extremely beneficial to the users. Notably, both applying the oil and consuming it have benefits. It is crucial to health, the skin and the hair. Regular use of the oil is thus advisable due to the benefits. The oil has vitamins and also antioxidants that give the oil the healing and nourishing properties.


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