7 Essential Baking Tools You Need in Afro-Caribbean Cuisine

7 Essential Baking Tools You Need in Afro-Caribbean Cuisine

As a budding baker of African or Caribbean cuisine, you might already have most essential baking tools and equipment in your kitchen. However, if you’re new to baking or even want to boost your cooking skills, then here are the absolute essentials that every baker should own.

These 7 essential baking tools will aid you in ensuring your baked foods turn out how you want them to. Let’s look at the purpose of each tool.

1. Sieve/Sifter

A sifter is an essential tool for any baker and can be used for more than just baking. 

Usually, it’s used to sift dry ingredients for baking recipes such as flour, sugar, and chemical learners. Sifting helps in preventing lumps from developing during your baking process.

2. Whisk or a hand mixer

7 Essential Baking Tools You Need in Afro-Caribbean Cuisine

A hand mixer is an excellent alternative to using a blender or a food processor. It’s more compact, easier to store than large appliances, and it’s an affordable option for preparing small batches of food.

A hand mixer effectively mixes ingredients like cake batter, pancake batter, and desserts. Therefore, if you’re looking for an easy way to whip up small portions of food on a budget, a hand mixer is for you.

3. Spatula

Spatulas are a common sight in kitchens and come in handy during baking. A spatula provides an even spread of products, such as cake mixes or frosting

Importantly, spatulas are versatile and can effectively be used for lifting and flipping over food in a frying pan. 

4. Measuring Tools Such as Cups and Measuring Spoons 

Measuring tools are an essential part of the baking process. Without precise measurements, the wrong volume measurement versus mass weight can result in disastrous baking results. 

For accuracy and the best baking results, ensure you have the best measurement tools. The tools can be affordable, easy to use, and sturdy enough to hold up ingredients.

7 Essential Baking Tools You Need in Afro-Caribbean Cuisine
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5. Mixing Bowls

In baking, a set of quality mixing bowls is an indispensable asset. Notably, the mixing bowls should be used only for those delicious baking recipes that contain flour and other ingredients used in the process, such as eggs or butter.

Mixing bowls ensures that you’ve got everything you need in one place and also helps make it easier to mix things up quickly. 

6. Dough Scraper

A dough scraper is an invaluable baking tool for handling sticky ingredients, primarily those used in baking. The dough scraper helps you get cookies or pies off the counter without damaging them or without damaging the counter. 

Importantly, when shopping for a dough scraper, always try to look for one made of quality material that lasts longer and is more effective.

7. Pastry Brush 

Pastry brushes are available in many different variations and are indispensable during baking. 

Importantly, it’s best to choose one that is easy to clean and does not shed bristles on your pastry after applying the egg white during the baking process. Choose a quality one whose bristles won’t fall out with every stroke and will wash clean.

7 Essential Baking Tools You Need in Afro-Caribbean Cuisine
Photo credit: Canva

Conclusion for essential of essential baking tools

Although the above essential baking tools list is not exhaustive, it’s a list of essential baking tools you will likely require for your basic baking needs. Other baking tools you may consider crucial based on your baking scope and skills include a drying rack, cookie cutters, baking sheets, cake stands, turntables, oven mitt, a thermometer, a timer, and a cookbook with good recipes, among others. 

Lastly, based on your budget and baking needs, you will realize you can’t acquire all these tools and use them at once. Therefore, before you begin baking, identify the essential baking tools you will need and gather them first. 

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