7 keto Caribbean inspired recipes

7 Keto Caribbean Recipes

Are you wondering about low carb or keto Caribbean recipes to try? All Caribbean recipes are not fried food, grilled food, or barbecued food. Here are the seven best keto recipes posted at Caribbean Green Living over the last year or so. Give them a try and let us know your favorite.

In the Caribbean, diet trends are not as popular as in the United States. Vegan and vegetarian diets are more common than any other particular type of diet. It is not common to find someone following a keto diet, for example.

Keto recipes are dishes that are low in carbohydrates. You should not eat starchy food that is high in carbohydrates and sugar. Avoid eating bread, pasta, potatoes, and beans.

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What is Caribbean cuisine?

Caribbean cuisine is defined as a fusion of African, Creole, Cajun, Amerindian, European, Latin American, Indian/South Asian, Middle Eastern, and Chinese. (Wikipedia, 2020) Caribbean cuisine has a lot of plant-based diets dishes. A dinner meal usually consists of 3 – 5-course meal every day for the ones who can afford it.

Cooking vegan recipes is very common in many households. You will always find a dish of leafy vegetables as part of the meal. The green vegetable (usually spinach) is sometimes mixed with meat, poultry or seafood, and even grains. When combined with a protein, it is called legumes or stew depending on the island—mixed with grains (cornmeal, rice, millet (petit mil), bulgur wheat (ble), it’s a complete meal.

Can you incorporate Caribbean dishes in your keto diet?

Absolutely! Can you lose weight eating only Caribbean food? Again, absolutely! There are several vegan options, seafood options, beans options, grains options, etc. that are easy to prepare. These options are full of vitamins and taste delicious. Most of the dishes are also create with fresh herbs and spices.

The vegan dishes are dishes containing leafy or root vegetables. Seafood is usually grilled, roasted, fried, or in a tomato-based sauce (creole sauce). The beans recipes are generally in the form of a soup. Black beans soup is ubiquitous as it is recommended for iron deficiency. But unfortunately, beans are not recommended when following a keto diet.

Dishes with grains are in abundance. The recipes are endless, and all have a unique taste. By the way, when talking about Caribbean food, please refrain yourself from thinking that it is about jerk food. This type of cooking is native to Jamaica. Every Caribbean island has its own method of cooking and dishes.

Here are 7 keto Caribbean recipes you can try today.

  1. Eggplant, Watercress, Peppers, and Tomatoes is a meatless stew that takes less than one hour to prepare. Only fresh ingredients are used to make this dish.
Eggplant watercress and tomato stew
Eggplant, Watercress, Peppers and Tomato Stew

2. Poisson Gros Sel or Coarse Salt Fish,  a very popular dish in Haiti, with a unique method of preparation. Usually served with boiled root vegetables (yucca, potato, yam) or plantains, this dish is filling and delicious.

Poisson gros sel
Poisson Gros Sel or Coarse Salt Fish

3. Soupe z’habitants, (soup of the people – not the exact translation) a name that says it all. A combination of everyday ingredients creates this delicious soup.

Soupe z'habitants - caribbeangreenliving.com
Soupe z’habitants

4. Roasted Cauliflower with Cashews and Raisins seasoned with Noubess Garlic and Herb Seasoning, a beautiful and delicious dish that is quick and easy to make.

Roasted Cauliflower with Cashews and Raisins
Roasted Cauliflower with Cashews and Raisins

5. An Easy Meatloaf Recipe, with a little bit of zest and bold flavors, make a perfect dinner. Serve with steamed broccoli for a complete meal.

Easy Meatloaf Recipe
Easy Meatloaf Recipe

6. Turkey in Creole Sauce is simply turkey with a spicy, tomato, and onion sauce. Seasoned turkey leg pieces cooked in a tomato-based sauce. Serve with your preferred healthy grains (if you’re not following a keto diet) or with a side of salad or vegetables.

turkey in creole sauce

7. Pork Ragout is made with pork feet steak, fresh spices, carrots, and sweet peppers. The meat is marinated for a couple of hours and boiled in its own marinade and water is added gradually until it is fully cooked. 

Pork Stew
Pork Ragout

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