9 Signs You Need Help with Cooking

9 Signs You Need Help with Cooking

9 Signs You Need Help with Cooking

Feeling confident in the kitchen is natural. You know the difference between cups and pints, tablespoons and teaspoons. You know what a chef’s knife is and how a paring knife should be used. However, despite those ability indicators, you may need some help in the kitchen. Here are nine signs.

1. You’re More Obsessed with Food TV Than with Cooking

Does your passion for food-related programming outweigh your desire to be in the kitchen? If so, it’s a great sign that you need a little help, whether that’s a new cookbook to inspire you or a new cuisine to master.

2. Your Smoke Detectors Go Off Constantly

Sure, we all burn things from time to time. However, if you’re routinely setting off the smoke detectors in your home, you need some help.

3. Using the Microwave To Cook

Yes, the microwave oven has a place in the kitchen, but if you rely on it more than your stovetop and oven, you’re not really cooking. You’re just warming up prepackaged foods.

4. Struggling to Follow Recipes that will help with cooking

Cookbooks are a cook’s best friend, but if they seem to be written in a foreign language, you need kitchen help.

cookbook png

5. You Cannot Cook without a Recipe

Good cooks need inspiration, not hand-holding. If you can only cook by following a recipe, you need a hand.

6. You Would Rather Do the Dishes

If you would rather handle the cleanup than the cooking, it’s a sure sign you need help in the kitchen.

7. Many Foods Are Unfamiliar

If you take a trip through the produce section at the grocery store and many items are unfamiliar, you need to educate yourself.

Produce Aisle png

8. You Use Metal Utensils with Nonstick Pans

Nonstick pots and pans are great, but if you’re using metal utensils in them, they won’t last very long.

9. You Boil The Starch Out of Pasta

Perfectly cooked pasta is pretty simple to achieve, but if you’re boiling out the starch, it’s time to admit you’re lost.

Have you noticed any of these signs in your own life? If you have, then you need help with cooking.




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