Spring Cleaning 2021

A helpful guide to spring cleaning 4 rooms in your house

We know you cannot avoid this topic. It is time to tackle it and get ready for your favorite time of the year. It is time to think about Spring cleaning again. I hope I do not sound like a mom reminding her kids to clean their bedroom they can go out and play. Think of it as a friendly reminder.

There are distractions all around, and it is hard to keep track of all of our responsibilities, chores, etc. The sun is shining, and it is a signal that spring fever is encroaching. I am certain you will thank me later for that reminder.

Cleaning does not only apply to your body. It applies to your living area, your home as well. A clean home will help you maintain a healthy lifestyle. And let’s not forget stress.

Stress has been a huge part of our lives for the past year. Let look forward and have a positive outlook while we’re leaving the past behind.

Let’s start spring cleaning our favorite place.

Spring Cleaning 2021
A helpful guide to spring cleaning 4 rooms in your house 3

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  • Empty and clean interior of the refrigerator
  • Clean exterior and bottom of the refrigerator
  • Purge all expired packaged food and condiments
  • Deep clean oven, stovetop, and range oven
  • Deep clean microwave, toaster, and coffee maker
  • Clean cabinets, outside and inside
  • Clean windows, wash or change window treatments
  • Deep clean dishwasher and garbage disposal
  • Wash dishes in china cabinet
  • Clean floor and rugs
  • Wipe down walls
  • Clean light fixture

Living Room:

  • Wash windows
  • Wash curtains and table linens
  • Clean all sofa cushions
  • Vacuum and wash rugs or carpet
  • Wash floor, treat the wooden floor
  • Wipe down walls, clean molding
  • Clean chandelier, light fixtures, electric outlets, and cords
  • Clean fireplace and dispose of ash properly
  • Dust or wipe down figurines
  • Dust and polish all furniture
  • Clean plants/leaves if any


  • Clean windows and curtains
  • Wipe down walls and molding
  • Turn/flip and deodorize the mattress
  • Clean floor, vacuum carpet, wash rugs
  • Wipe down all lampshades, figurines, etc
  • Dust and polish all furniture
  • Clean and purge closet, nightstand, and dresser drawers


  • Deep clean toilet and shower/tub
  • Clean sink and countertops
  • Wash all curtains and rugs
  • Change shower liner and tub mat
  • Wash floor
  • Clean and purge medicine cabinet
  • Clean and re-organize linen closet
  • Wash all hair accessories
  • Clean and purge beauty tray or drawers

Spring cleaning applies to the family room, library, toy room, playroom, and ultimately every room in your home. As you clean, recycle, donate, and throw out any items you no longer need.

Previously published March 12, 2017, updated to include additional content.

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