A Simple and Easy Slow Cooker Whole Turkey Recipe

A whole turkey, lots of cooking, laughter, family fun games, etc. those are all the ways many of us celebrate the holidays. When it comes to holiday cooking, everyone looks to me as if I should be the leader for creating a menu they will enjoy.

Of course, I like the idea and also like feeling important. But on many days and even on holidays, I try to save some time to spend with my family.

We do get together quite often, but sometimes taking a break from the kitchen is always good. Talking about a break, making this recipe is partially part of making time for fun during the holidays.

Slow Cooker Whole Turkey Recipe

Slow Cooker Whole Turkey Recipe

Last year I bought a slow roaster, and this was one of my best kitchen appliance investment. The roaster is a dream come true. I don’t use it very often, but so far I have no complaints. Here it is if you are interested.

A perfectly roasted turkey for the holidays is every cooks dream. I have heard that roasting the turkey upside down will keep the breast moist. I have tried it and frankly the way I cook my turkey, I don’t notice the difference.


Slow Cooker Whole Turkey Recipe

Slow Cooker Whole Turkey Recipe

It might also be because of the brand of turkey I buy, my brine or the spices I use. I am a creature of habit when it comes to ways of preparing many dishes. If it works why try to change it, right?

I do use a meat thermometer to make sure that my turkey is cooked. And I also do the leg test. (Grab the end of the drumstick and gently twist it slightly; if the turkey is done, the bone should twist easily at the knee – be very careful not to pull or twist the leg too hard.)

My slow cooker whole turkey recipe will allow you to not only have plenty of time to spend with your loved ones but also free up your oven. Not need to stress over how you gonna roast, bake etc.  for the holidays.

First I have to share with you that I am not a huge fan of stuffing, and rarely make one, and this bird will not be served with one. Making this recipe is straightforward, but you need to plan, given that it takes several hours for the bird to roast.


Slow Cooker Whole Turkey Recipe

Slow Cooker Whole Turkey Recipe

I start by cleaning the turkey, removing the giblets,  rubbing lemon wedges inside and out, rinse and pat dry. I then prepare my herbs and spices blend. Rub the turkey with the mixture, inside and outside. Let the turkey marinate overnight for a few hours. Add my extras inside the cavity and cook the bird!


Slow Cooker Whole Turkey Recipe

Slow Cooker Whole Turkey Recipe

Roasting turkey is a challenge for me because I can’t do it alone. Do you want to know why? I have a small frame, and these birds can be enormous. So I always have a helper in my kitchen to do the heavy lifting. 🙂 So don’t be shy and ask for help. Your back will thank you.

Slow Cooker Whole Turkey Recipe

Slow Cooker Whole Turkey Recipe

Here’s my recipe for Easy Slow Cooker Whole Turkey.

Note: you can also use a crockpot and adjust the cooking settings.

1324 cal
69 g
3 g
162 g

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Serves 8 - 10

A Simple and Easy Slow Cooker Whole Turkey Recipe

30 minPrep Time

4 hrCook Time

4 hr, 30 Total Time

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  1. Clean the turkey as you normally would. Pat dry and place in a large bowl.
  2. In a small bowl, mix hot sauce, green seasoning, olive oil, mustard, and salt.
  3. Season the turkey inside and out and under the skin if you can. Stuff the turkey cavity with lemon sliced rosemary and parsley.
  4. Place the celery stalks and carrots into the bottom of the crockpot or slow cooker
  5. Now place the turkey in the slow cooker.
  6. Set the slow cooker on low, and cover with the lid.
  7. Cook for 8 - 8 1/2 hours or 4 hours on high. After 2 hours and 30 minutes on high, periodically check the turkey. The temperature of crockpot and slow cooker are different.
  8. Serve & enjoy the most juiciest turkey ever!


Cooking time may vary depending on the cooking appliance you use.

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