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We do more than creating recipes. We will occasionally send you some of our absolute favorite ways to live a happier and healthier life including our favorite recipes, nutrition tips, cooking tips, health and wellness tips to keep you energized and clear!

You can create delicious meals in minutes with a budget and a cooking plan. You have the power to change your eating habits for a better you. You have the power to create healthier eating habits faster than anyone else and this website will show you how to do just that.

Learning how to be organized and take control of what you put in your body is the key to obtaining a sustainable and stress-free lifestyle. We are here to help you. We are here to help you with all the tools necessary to achieve a better you.

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Our Mission: To empower individuals to take back control of their health through helpful tips, manage their eating habits, and teach how to create tasty meals with our meal planning tools.

RECIPES: Every recipe is carefully prepared to deliver the Caribbean taste you might be craving for and made with healthy, nutritious ingredients full of bold flavors.

NATURAL LIVING: We research, we deliver informative tips, advice to help you nourish your body effectively.

GUIDES/RESOURCES: It’s all about ease and we provide just that. Conversion and equivalents, meal planning tools, and many more helpful utilities.

KNOWLEDGE BASE: Essential tools to help maintain our journey together from checklists to complete cooking resource guides.

MEAL PLANS: Our goal is to help you create affordable delicious sustainable meals that you can create at home.Our tasty meals and helpful tips will help you manage your eating habits.

GOURMET HOT SAUCES: We took it a step further! Gemma loves playing with different types of ingredients and her recipes and products reflect her love of delicious food, bold and tasty recipes, wholesome ingredients, and innovative ideas.

After experimenting with exotic flavors, creating and sharing recipes on her blog for many years Gemma started adventuring to the world of peppers in the Spring of 2016. Gemma created her own hot sauce line with interesting, well-balanced, rich, and complex flavors.

Gemma decided to team up with the best in the industry and offer three unique flavors, original, mango, and pineapple. The next step was to follow her passion and start the online Gemma’s Online Store.


Founder/Culinary Enthusiast

Gemma believes that great meals always start with simple ingredients. Better known as Tamara Douge, Gemma is the Caribbean food and lifestyle blogger behind Caribbean Green Living, the website where she shares her culinary creations and promotes healthy living while bringing awareness about the Caribbean Culture. Through her website, Gemma is connecting and educating people with helpful resources to improve their cooking and lifestyle, while increasing their confidence to a happy and sustainable happy life. Born in Haiti, Gemma started cooking at the age of 8 under the watchful eye of her aunt Jeanne because she refused to let her cook in peace. Gemma’s creativity and eagerness to learn about ingredients, spices etc.… proved to her parents that she would be the one entertaining and catering all family events.


Product Reviewer/Pinterest Coordinator

Sandra is a born foodie, Sandra loves to help individuals and families discover the power of home-cooked meals as well as providing insights on kitchen tools and gadgets.Helping others achieve better nutrition for a healthier lifestyle is her mission.Interacting with our readers is a high priority, and that’s where Sandra comes in. By answering the comments on the blog and sharing products reviews, Sandra helps our readers find the information they need and help with product purchase. Sandra also manages our Pinterest page and helps with other social media platforms.

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