More Than Just Food: Welcome to Caribbean Green Living!

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More Than Just Food: Welcome to Caribbean Green Living!

Founded by Gemma, who lives with corn and nut allergies, Caribbean Green Living is more than recipes. It’s a supportive community for everyone to enjoy delicious, accessible Caribbean cuisine. Learn tips, find inspiration, and explore the vibrant culture beyond the plate. Join us and discover how food allergies can become an ingredient for a joyful life!

Join us in Gemma’s kitchen! A home cook at heart, Gemma honed her skills under the watchful eyes of her family of chefs and cooks for over 25 years. Today, her passion lies in creating unforgettable meals for loved ones and exploring the world through new cuisines. When she’s not whipping up culinary delights, you might find her curled up with a good book on nutrition or food allergies, always seeking new ways to learn and grow.

Welcome to Caribbean Green Living, a food and lifestyle online magazine! Let’s cook, connect, and celebrate life together.

Beyond the Beach: Immerse Yourself in Sustainable Caribbean Living

Forget the crowded resorts and overhyped tourist traps. Caribbean Green Living is your guide to unveiling the authentic Caribbean through a sustainable lens. We’re not just a website – we’re a vibrant community for eco-conscious island lovers and anyone seeking a taste of the Caribbean’s rich culture and stunning environment.

Join a global network of passionate individuals and explore a treasure trove of resources:

** Sustainable Living Tips:** Minimize your environmental impact with practical home solutions and responsible travel practices. Learn to live in harmony with the Caribbean’s delicate ecosystems and support local communities.

️ Island-Inspired Recipes: Savor the flavors of paradise with our collection of delicious, healthy recipes. Featuring fresh, seasonal ingredients and traditional Caribbean flair, we cater to all dietary needs and skill levels.

** Cultural Explorations:** Dive deep into the vibrant tapestry of Caribbean traditions. Explore the fascinating history, captivating music, and diverse customs that shape the region’s soul. Gain a deeper appreciation for the unique island way of life.

** Sustainable Travel Guides:** Plan your dream eco-friendly getaway with our curated guides. Discover hidden gems, stay in responsible accommodations, and choose tour operators dedicated to preserving the islands’ beauty.

** DIY Crafts & Activities:** Channel your inner artist with our collection of easy-to-follow projects inspired by the Caribbean’s natural beauty and artistic heritage. Craft charming souvenirs, decorate your home with island vibes, and connect with the region’s creative spirit.

We believe in responsible exploration. That’s why we empower you to live a more sustainable lifestyle, both at home and while traveling. Our informative and inspiring content is designed to help you minimize your impact and truly connect with the magic of the Caribbean.

Join us on a journey to embrace the Caribbean lifestyle, infused with green practices and cultural richness. Dive into our blog, explore our resources, and connect with our community. Together, let’s celebrate the islands’ beauty and ensure they remain vibrant and healthy for generations to come.

Ready to start your adventure? Explore our website today and discover the countless ways to experience Caribbean Green Living!


Erika D: The Heartbeat of Caribbean Green Living & NouBess

Business Manager
Erika is the glue that holds Caribbean Green Living and NouBess together. Her organizational skills, positive energy, and sharp wit keep us motivated and on track. Behind the scenes, she enjoys gardening and whipping up delectable desserts.
Sandra's pic

Sandra L: Weaving Caribbean Flavors into Social Media & Content

Sandra, our Social Media and Content Manager, infuses Caribbean Green Living and NouBess with her passion for healthy, flavorful island dishes. Her deep knowledge of Caribbean cuisine shines through in her easy-to-follow recipes, making healthy choices a breeze. Always eager to share her expertise, she’s both a food writer and a home cook, delighting her family with new culinary adventures.

Jack D., Capturing Food’s Magic Through His Lens

Production Assistant
Meet Jack, our Production Assistant! With a keen eye for detail and a passion for food and culture, Jack is the mastermind behind our mouthwatering photos and videos. He loves experimenting with lighting, props, and angles to create stunning visuals that ignite your taste buds. When he’s not behind the camera, you can find him biking with his family, soaking up life’s vibrant flavors on two wheels.

Rex D., Bringing Paws-itive Vibes to Caribbean Green Living

Meet Rex, our resident fur-bulous mascot! He’s more than just a cute face; he’s our loyal companion and furry cheerleader, spreading joy and laughter wherever he goes. Whether offering “tail-wagging” feedback on new recipes or requesting belly rubs with his most adorable puppy eyes, Rex adds a unique paw-sitivity to the Caribbean Green Living team.
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Together, this team is dedicated to making Caribbean Green Living the best resource for all things Caribbean fusion food. We’re passionate about sharing our culture and traditions with the world, and we hope you’ll join us on our journey!

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