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Benefits of Gardening in a Raised Garden Bed

Benefits of Gardening in a Raised Garden Bed: Building a raised garden bed can provide you with healthier plants and less work in the long run. It does cost a little more to get started, but you are likely to yield a higher amount of vegetables while keeping bugs and snails out of your plants. The following are some of the benefits of gardening in raised garden beds.


Weeds are more controlled in a raised bed because there is a barrier between the plants and the soil. Use a soil that is weed-free so as to keep down the weeds even more from the beginning.


If you have a garden that is planted in the ground, how are you going to move it? By having a raised garden bed, it can go with you if you need to relocate your garden in your current yard, or if you move to a different home.

Use Fewer Seeds

Normally seeds are scattered on the ground when gardening in the soil, where as in a raised bed only a few seeds are planted at a time. This will make your seeds last longer and provide you with more plants.

Higher Yields

The soil in raised beds is much better to grow fruits and vegetables in than the soil on the ground. This will provide you with better quality plants and more produce from each plant.

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Raised garden beds also discourage pests like snails, rabbits, and other unwanted pests from getting into your plants.


When you are done using the raised beds as a garden, they can be turned into a sandbox for your kids. Either replace the dirt with sand or put a layer of sand over top of the dirt. The kids will have a nice place to play that will keep them entertained for hours.





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