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The best all Natural Stains Removers

The Best All-Natural Stains Removers: No matter how careful we may be, stains on our clothes are bound to happen. They can be rather frustrating especially if you don’t know how to get them out. So before you throw out that favorite t-shirt, or much-loved sundress take a look at these all-natural stain removers and give them a try. You may find yourself pleasantly surprised at the results as you bring your clothing back from the brink of disaster!

There are several safe options you may choose. The safer ones are natural products which are also better for the environment. For this story we’ll break it down into the type of stain you have, so you can quickly find the perfect solution that will also benefit the environment.


Allow the mud to dry and then use a brush to “brush it” off the item as best as possible. When you’re done you want to rub a homemade paste of water and borax on it and throw it into the wash right away. You may also want to wash the clothes by hand, but I would suggest the first rub to be done while wearing gloves if you have sensitive skin.

Coffee or Tea

How many times have you grabbed for that cup of Joe only to have it splash onto your shirt. Not to worry because you can pour boiling water on it and then use that same paste of borax and water to scrub it out. Again throw it in the laundry right after applying the paste.

Red Wine

Yet another beverage that seems to have the habit of ending up on our clothes! Red wine is simple enough to remove with equal parts of hydrogen peroxide and liquid detergent. Mix the two ingredients together in a bowl and then use a sponge to apply it to the stain. Allow it a couple of minutes to really set in and then wash it in cold water.  You might be pleasantly surprise at the outcome.

Natural Stains Removers - stain -
Natural Stains Removers


No too many people can stand the sight of blood. Any parent knows that at some point their child will come home with a scrape or cut that can mean a blood stain left behind on their clothing. You may find the solution to be rather surprising, but plain white vinegar will certainly do the trick. With blood stains you want to treat it within the first 24 hours before it can set. Simply spray the vinegar onto the stain and then let it sit for about 10 minutes. You can then wash the item.

Plenty of Options

It doesn’t end there as there are all kinds of natural stain removers such as rubbing alcohol, ammonia, salt water, cola, baking soda, and more. These home remedies tend to be much safer on fabrics and a whole lot cheaper on the pocket book!

Try options that are safer for the environment and safer for your health.




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