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What’s New in the Kitchen

The best place in a home is the kitchen. In this section, you’ll learn simple cooking tips to create homemade recipes, become more confident in the kitchen, and learn how things work the way they do. We talked about the little helpers in the kitchen – small appliances, pots, pans, and utensils. You will also learn efficient ways to function around your kitchen and keep it organized.

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Welcome! I’m Gemma!

Browse hundreds of easy and delicious Haitian Caribbean recipes as well as recipes inspired by the Caribbean flavors, how-to articles, cooking tips, and budget and pantry tips. Our recipes are easy to follow, tried, tested, and loved!

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Caribbean Corner

This blog is dedicated to recipes from the Caribbean, Haitian, fusion, and all other Caribbean flavors. It’s for anyone who loves eating healthy and wants to incorporate more of our local cuisines into their cooking.