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Does Coconut aid in weight loss

Does Coconut Aid in Weight Loss? Struggling to lose weight is something that many people go through at some point in life, whether you’re trying to lose the last stubborn 5 lbs. or you have a larger goal you’re trying to achieve. There are a number of ways that people go about weight loss, and there always seems to be some new miracle answer. As of late coconut oil has been getting a lot of attention and being touted as a weight loss aid. So is there any truth in this? Is coconut oil the answer you’re looking for? Let’s take a look.

A Healthy Fat

The word “oil” indicates that it is a fat, so how can a fat possibly be good for you, let alone help you lose weight? Well coconut oil isn’t just any old fat, it’s deemed as a good fat. It’s filled with fatty acids that have a special kind of effect on your metabolism. What coconut oil contains is medium chain triglycerides, and these are metabolized and broken down in your body differently than the longer chain fats are. Once it enters your body it goes through your digestive tract to your liver and then transformed into ketone bodies or energy.

Coconut Oil -
Coconut Oil

Researchers are noticing that it has fat burning properties when compared to other fats, which means you’re able to burn more calories. But before we get too excited, the effect that it has is very slight, meaning it’s not suddenly going to start burning off layers of stored fat.

The Negatives

It’s important to point out the negatives in consuming coconut oil on a regular basis as a weight loss option. Coconut oil is in fact filled with saturated fat. In fact one tablespoon of butter has less saturated fat than coconut oil, and likely the idea of consuming a tablespoon of butter is a bit appalling to you.

Moderation is the Key

Just like in most cases, coconut oil does have a number of great qualities and some interesting statistics behind it. Touting it as a miracle weight loss cure seems as though it’s going a bit too far. There is no harm in including coconut oil in your diet but moderation is the key. Consuming it daily in large doses likely won’t see you magically dropping pounds, and then you run the risk of having a diet way too high in saturated fat, which certainly won’t do you any good.





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