Cooking with Gemma

Surprise! The videos are finally here!

Books and recipes can only get you so far. A Video is a tool, a medium that displays moving visual media. Cooking videos are meant to show you step-by-step how dishes are made and how easy it is for you to be creative in the kitchen.

Our video course series Cooking with Gemma will offer you the chance to learn from Gemma – owner and Foodie of Caribbean Green Living. You will have the chance to create delicious and mouthwatering dishes using fresh ingredients.

Looking for ways to maximize your time in the kitchen, this is the place to be. New videos will be shared periodically to help you create quick, healthy and tasty meals for your yourself and your family.

Come back soon, we have more to come. In the meantime, check out our Recipes page for more cooking ideas.

Happy cooking!





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