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Welcome to Caribbean Green Living, a food and lifestyle blog! Here you will find deliciously simple recipes for the everyday home cook. You will also find healthful cooking tips and much more. Our recipes are easy to follow, tried, tested, and loved!

Hey there, I’m Gemma. My sisters and I know the importance of eating healthy and feeding your family fresh home-cooked meals. Our recipes are family favorites and recipes we created and tested ourselves. We are here to share our passion for cooking as the flavors of the Caribbean inspire us. Let’s get cookin’!

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Meet the team

We believe that everyone can bring the taste of the Caribbean right into the comfort of their home. We enjoy sharing our family and Caribbean-inspired recipes. As we embrace and appreciate our Haitian Caribbean heritage, our passion for delicious foods, wholesome ingredients, and innovative recipe ideas has brought us thus far to share with you our favorite meals.

A little more about us!

The sisters’ upbringing in Port-au-Prince, Haiti, had an inculcation influence on their cooking. Their beloved mother was from the north side (Cap-Haitien) of the island, and their beloved father was from the south (Jacmel). Both parents met in Port-au-Prince, Haiti (the Capital), and settled to raise their family. At an early age, the sisters were introduced to north and south cooking, which sparked a culinary interest that would result in a perfect marriage of myriad bold and unique Caribbean flavors. Such exposure enticed their interest in cooking which would later drive them onto the road of Gourmet Foods.

To honor their parents and their love of cooking, the sisters combined both parents’ names, and that’s how the name Noubess was created. NouBess is their parents’ love story and legacy that will continue to imprint in their minds. Check out our Noubess Shop!

More about Caribbean Green Living …

Here in our tiny corner of the internet, you will find easy creative, and Caribbean recipes for the everyday cook that are delicious and comforting. We never imagined that Caribbean Green Living would evolve into a place that would bring our love of cooking and passions to life. We are glad to be here and to be able to share our culinary favorites with you today.

This food blog began as a way to share Caribbean recipes and tips, but after countless recipe requests from friends and family, Gemma decided to share her kitchen adventures and cooking tips. This started a new adventure for the entire family. This blog became a virtual member of the family. This became one of the things we enjoy best!

National dishes of the Caribbean Islands

We love sharing our favorite recipes, and hopefully, we will inspire you to cook more healthy and delicious meals for you and your family.

Our recipes are created for the everyday cook. Our children, nephews, nieces, siblings, in-laws, and cousins are proud testers. We could not have gotten this far without them. We are blessed thus far. And we want to continue sharing our love of cooking with you, our favorite Griot recipe (one of Haiti’s National dishes), this easy-to-make appetizer, Haitian Accra, and let’s not forget our favorite cake, Gateau a L’Orange. You have to make them! YUMMY!!!

Our promise to you…

Our core values embody our culture, spirit, and dedication to continue sharing our culinary expertise. We will continue to share simple, easy, and tested recipes that are affordable and taste great. We will share tips and ideas to make your everyday life easier and more fun.

If you have questions or comments, we would LOVE to hear from you.

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