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Delicious Haitian Snacks And Treats You Must Try

Delicious Haitian Snacks And Treats You Must Try

Haitian snacks and treats are some of the most delicious that you’ll ever taste. From savory snacks to sweet confections, these Haitian snacks are bound to give your taste buds a jolt!

Haitians are true foodies. We love our cuisine and are fearless in trying new things. Because of this, you’ll find all sorts of places that sell Haitian products in Haiti and abroad. I am happy to share my favorite Haitian treats and snacks to introduce new flavors to your palate.

Most Haitian snacks and treats are made at home by Haitians themselves. There may be some variations, but the flavors are very similar. A few of these treats are sold by street vendors, and many are also found at Haitian bakeries. You will also find a few food items at the bakeries sold in supermarkets.

Haitian cuisine is more than just spicy food, griot, legume, and rice with djon djon. We love sugary sweets, candies, cakes, bread, and patties. Here are 15 of our favorite Haitian snacks and treats you need to try if you haven’t already.

Haitian snacks and treats are an important part of the country’s culture but also delicious. They’re made from various ingredients, including plantains, cassava, cornmeal, peanut butter, coconut, and more. Here are some of the popular Haitian snacks and treats that you’ll want to try:

Popular Haitian Snacks and Treats

Haitian Fresco

Haitian Fresco / Snow Cones

Crushed iced with fruit syrup. Many people may translate it onto shaved ice. The difference is the size of the granules. Snow cones have larger pieces of ice, whereas shaved ice is light, fine, and fluffy. This is a street food treat.

Plantains Papita jpg

Papita or Plantain Chips

Thinly fried slices of plantains are sold in paper or plastic bags. Papita is considered street food.

Codfish fritters marinade jpg 1

Marinade / Fritters

Fried seasoned dough: usually includes meat, poultry, or fish. These fritters are usually sold in restaurants and made at home.

Haitian Fritaille jpg

Fritaille / Fritters Platter

A Haitian specialty and part of our culture. Fritaile is a platter filled with fritters. The fritters are usually fried plantains, sweet potatoes, and fried meat such as griot, tassot, and sausage. You will also find Accra and Kibby. Everything is served with Pikliz.

Peanuts and Cashews Brittle jpg

Tablet Pistache et Tablet de Noix / Peanut Clusters and Cashew Clusters, Coconut Clusters

Delicious, caramelized, hard candy filled with roasted nuts. The difference with our brittle is we don’t make it flat. It is filled with more nuts and the sugar mixture hold the nuts together.

Smoked Herrings BRead

Pain Hareng / Smoked Herrings Bread

Bread stuffed with smoked herrings cooked with spices and onion. This type of bread is sold at Haitian Bakeries.

Langue de bouef

Langue de Boeuf / Sugary Crackers

A huge flat cracker coated with brown sugar.

Bonbon Amidon

Bonbon Amidon / Starch Candy

Just like the name, a buttery cooky made with starch.

Haitian Mint Candy

Haitian Mint Candy

Hard sugar candy with mint flavor.

Chanm Chanm

Chanm-Chanm / Sweet Ground Roasted Cornmeal

Ground-roasted cornmeal. Sold mostly in Haiti; if you can find it in the states, you definitely need to try.

Haitian Soda

Haitian Cola / Haitian Soda

An exceptionally tasty soda flavored with fruits. You may find Haitian soda at your local supermarket, Haitian bakeries, and even on Amazon.


Pates / Haitian Patties

Pastries filled with minced and seasoned meat, fish, or vegetables.

Douce Haitian sugary sweets jpg 1

Dous / Fudge

A creamy candy made with sugar, butter, milk, and sometimes coloring. This candy is sold in most Haitian bakeries. You will find plain fudge or fudge mixed with grated coconut.

Dous Makos similar jpg

Dous Makos / Tricolored Fudge

A sugary treat that is similar to fudge. The photo is not for the actual dous makos but an example of what it might look like. The difference is the color. Dous Makos has three colors instead of 2. You may find it at Haitian Bakeries. You may find Dous Makos in a few bakeries in the States. It is mostly sold in Haiti.

Haitian Crackers jpg 1

Haitian Crackers

It is a buttery cracker that is very crispy and delicious. Here’s a copycat recipe you can try: How to make the best Homemade Crackers

Haitian cuisine is as rich as its culture and history, with delectable dishes representing the very essence of their homeland. Each Haitian snack contains a sumptuous combination of ingredients that is extra-delicious. Start with a few, and you’ll find yourself craving more.

Since they are such a significant part of Haitian life, these Haitian snacks and treats will never be in shortage – especially not among Haitians! They are delicious, affordable, and, best of all – authentic Haitian delicacies.

So Haitian snacks and treats are indeed quite interesting, but they certainly have the power to bring a smile to anyone’s face. Whether enjoyed with friends or family, these snacks and treats will brighten anyone’s day. Haitian cuisine is not only healthy and tasty, but it is also authentic, fun, and one of Haiti’s many cultural treasures. We hope you learned about many other exotic culinary delights in this article. Enjoy!

Notes: the list will be updated as we gather more information and learn about new Haitian snacks and treats.

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