Dinner: The Best Time to Bond With Your Kids

Last updated on September 20th, 2021 at 07:05 pm

Having dinner on a nightly basis with your kids is good for everyone’s brain, body, and overall health. The dinner doesn’t have to be a fancy meal that you spend all day working on, but a nice family dinner on a regular basis can help you bond with your kids and provides other benefits as well.

Research has shown that children who eat dinners with their family regularly consume more fruits and vegetables than those who do not have meals with their family. Furthermore, kids are more likely to be healthier and less obese when they get older. It will also help you to expand their food palate by introducing new foods on a regular basis. It takes between eight to ten times for a new food to be accepted, so keep trying even if they say no.

Happy family having dinner in the dinning room

During family dinner time, everyone is sitting down together and talking to each other. This provides the chance to learn more about your child’s day, what they may be dealing with, and also bond with them. Communication is an important part of any kid’s life, so by opening the doors of communication early, your child will feel more connected and be more open to communicate in the future.

Studies have also shown that family dinners cut down on risky teenager behaviors such as drinking, smoking, violence, and eating disorders. In addition, family meals have been linked to lower rates of suicidal thoughts and depression.

Mother serving kids

By having family dinners on a regular basis, your child is more likely to be healthy in their mind, body, and soul. Talk about the day during these dinners and try to introduce new foods from around the world. Soon it will become normal to have family dinners on a regular basis and you will see an improvement in your child’s behavior.





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