DIY Holiday Decor

DIY Holiday Decors are easy and original

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Holiday decors are a must for Christmas. The decor can be extravagant or simple. It is all about being in the spirit of Christmas.

Decorating for the holidays is one of the best parts of the season. For a while, your home is transformed into a wonderland that represents all the great things about the holiday. Embracing a green holiday that relies on sustainable decor methods will probably lead you to some fun DIY projects. You can easily ensure that you’re using green materials, and you can customize your decor to fit you perfectly.

What you can do and make

Here are some great DIY projects from around the Internet for holiday decor:

There’s probably no fireplace in your Caribbean home, or at least not one you want to use. Making your fireplace out of recycled drop cloth is a fun way to make a place for the stockings and gifts to gather around.

Just because it doesn’t snow where you are, doesn’t mean you can’t have a snowman at dinner. This cute little guy uses faux flowers, but you could recycle coffee filters or even dryer sheets to make him.

DIY Holiday Decor
DIY Holiday Decor

Bringing out the old stuff

If you have an old quilt that has seen better days, consider turning it into up-cycled stockings. This is a great way to display a quilt that meant a lot to you without letting it sit around to fall into worse disrepair.

Be Crafty

If you do arts and crafts with your children, chances are you have some scrap yarn and a few buttons laying around. With a cardboard tube or a triangular craft foam pyramid, you can make adorable centerpieces or windowsill decorations. The kids will love decorating their own trees.

Speaking of centerpieces, these are the holidays, after all. What would they be without a stack of perfectly wrapped gifts? This particular project used faux grass to create a natural centerpiece, but you could use leftover wrapping paper or even fabric to create a seasonal centerpiece.

Holiday Decor
Holiday Decor – Photo Credit Pixabay.

Other projects you could DIY for your holiday include creating place settings with a simple paper template and a pair of scissors. You could place a seasonal decor item on every plate. Allow the kids to hot glue foam craft balls to a wreath ring for a bright addition to your decor. Use a clear glass or plastic ornament to create a miniature hanging garden.

Make your favorite sugar cookie recipe, and poke a hole in the top with a straw or needle. When they are cooled, string them through with yarn for a sweet garland that won’t have to be thrown away after the holidays. Try any of these projects to make your holiday the best yet.


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