Foods that help you feel full

Foods that help you feel full for longer

Foods That Help You Feel Full for Longer can potentially help you maintain a healthy diet.

If the word “diet” makes you cringe, but you’re on a quest to lose weight, then how about opting for healthy, delicious foods that help you feel fuller for longer. This can cut down on the urge to snack and can even help you with portion control, which means fewer calories consumed overall without feeling as though you’re on a diet. All kinds of foods fit into this category, and they can be prepared in a number of versatile ways. The key is to look for high-fiber, high-protein, and healthy fats.


These little bursts of goodness work at satisfying your sweet tooth but are incredibly filling at the same time. Prunes are very high in fiber and are an antioxidant. You can snack on them as is, add them to a smoothie, or cook with them. They are even great with a variety of meat dishes.

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If you’re looking for a great way to start your day, reach for the oatmeal. Oatmeal is the basis of a fabulous and healthy breakfast that will leave you feeling full and satisfied. It’s high in fiber, and then you can go ahead and add spices, fresh fruit, and even a side of yogurt for an added punch. Oatmeal can be eaten warm or cold. If you’re not a fan of the consistency of oatmeal, throw some dried oats in your blender with your smoothie ingredients and blend them together.

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Coconut Milk

Instead of regular milk, switch to coconut milk for benefits. Be sure you grab the unsweetened variety, and you can always add fruit to it as a smoothie if you want that bit of sweetness.

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Is there anything this superfood doesn’t offer? Kale is just one of those absolute must-have items in the kitchen. You can eat it as a salad, cook it with meats/fish as an entree, or throw it in a smoothie.

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This fruit is just pure goodness. This one features a high dosage of fiber monounsaturated fat, and it is a short-chained fatty acid, so it gives you energy. Avocados are very versatile and can be enjoyed on their own, in a sandwich, salad, smoothie, as a spread, and so many other options. You can get really creative with this one.

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Be Prepared

A great idea is to have a healthy stock of these items on hand at all times so you can grab them when you’re feeling hungry, rather than empty-calorie options.


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