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Fun ways to enjoy Cassava Bread or Cassava Crackers

Cassava Bread

Cassava Cracker is sometimes referred to as Cassava Bread (Pain de Cassave/Pain Cassave) in the Haitian Caribbean Community. Cassava Bread is the ultimate food replacement for bread in a Haitian Caribbean home at breakfast time as a food item.

Usually served with peanut butter and jam, cassava bread can be compared to your favorite PB&J sandwich, peanut butter, and jelly sandwich. It is filling and mostly served with tea, coffee, hot chocolate, and even a delicious bowl of oatmeal.

Cassava is made from yuca flour from yuca roots, which mainly grows in a tropical climate. The Cassava bread is rich in fiber and fat-free. It also has plenty of carbohydrates if you want to load up on carbs.

Where to buy Cassava Bread

Most West-Indian or Latin markets sell cassava. The price will vary from $1.99 to $3.99 for a pack containing four large triangle pieces of bread. Amazon also sells cassava bread but mostly in bulk. My advice is to purchase it at a supermarket first before going to Amazon.

Cassava Bread

How to store Cassava bread

Cassava bread must be stored in a tightly-sealed container to keep it from going stale. Either a plastic container or glass with a tight lid will do. You can also store the crackers in a ziplock bag as well.

How to enjoy Cassava bread

Cassava crackers or cassava bread can be enjoyed in many ways. Because of its versatility, cassava is sometimes served as a quick snack. No matter how it is done, Cassava Crackers are an excellent way to avoid bland bread.

Try it with Peanut Butter

The most common way to enjoy these crackers is with peanut butter. In Haiti, peanut butter usually contains a little bit of heat. We love spicy foods! So why not add a little bit of hot pepper in peanut butter. The peppery taste is a beautiful delight and adds a delicious and yummy flavor to the yuca flour.

Cassava Bread

Try it with Jam or Helly

With Jam or Jelly? A sweet, decadent treat for the sweet tooth. Have you tried it for dessert? If you have, that’s an excellent and cheap idea.

Cassava Bread

Try it with Nutella or Almond butter

Nutella or Almond Butter. Another great treat and perfect breakfast food to serve with coffee, warm milk, or hot chocolate.

Cassava Bread

Try it with Cream Cheese

Cream cheese. No matter the flavor, sweet, savory, or salty, it is a choice you won’t regret. The cream cheese gives the cracker an excellent finish. A delicious crunchy and creamy taste all around.

Cassava Bread

For vegan lovers

Vegan lovers: This can be the perfect snack for an energy booster because of the carbs content. Tomato, baby spinach with cream cheese, butter, or mayonnaise is perfect. Almost like eating another version of bruschetta.

Cassava Bread

A surprisinly gourmet and delicious taste: Smoked Salmon and Seafood Lovers

Do you love a simple lox snack? This one is my second most favorite way to enjoy cassava. The smoked salmon, cream cheese, capers, and red onion toppings are like a complete meal. Dith the bagel for one day and try this.

Cassava Bread

Other ways to enjoy cassava bread or cassava crackers:

  • Eggs are the perfect breaskfast item. Add cassava bread to change your breakfast routine.
  • If you like eating bread with ground or shredded meat, try cassave bread.
  • With vegetable stew such as Ratatouille, it will soak up the delicious broth.
  • Love Soups, use cassava bread instead of regular bread, croutons or other types of crackers or bread.
  • Dips and spread: replace the crackers or slices of crusty bread with cassava bread.

Cassava bread may be your second most favorite food item after bread. Enjoy it!

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