Green Alternatives to a Holiday Tree

Last updated on November 22nd, 2022 at 08:20 pm

Finding a traditional holiday tree in the Caribbean is sure to be an exercise that leaves behind quite the carbon footprint. You could use a native tree, and many do, but the fact is that trees are the most beneficial for the Earth and us when they are in the ground. There are many green alternatives that you could purchase or DIY to make your holiday eco-friendly this year.

Using Fresh Herbs

One of the unique ways to create an eco-friendly holiday tree is to use fresh rosemary in a foam planter. Arranging the rosemary sprigs into a small display makes a beautiful green tree alternative, and then you can use the rosemary in cooking later. In addition, your home will smell lovely while you celebrate. This is a great way to use what you already have.

Herbs Christmas decor
Herbs Christmas Decor – Photo Credit Pixabay

Adding a personal touch

Using reclaimed wood or driftwood to shape your tree gives your holiday a personal touch. You can design an organic-looking tree with branches that grow out of a trunk to decorate, or you can layer the pieces into a traditional triangle shape.

Decals aren’t the most eco-friendly option, but if you can find a local shop that creates them, it’s still a better option than chopping down a tree. A wall decal can be applied in any room and reused in upcoming years, so you’ll only have to purchase it once. It’s also a good option for small homes where other tree alternatives would take too much room.

Make use of recycling materials

Recycling leftover gift wrapping material makes a great alternative holiday tree. If you’re handy, cardboard can be used to create a tree cut out, either flat or 3D. Then you can apply wrapping paper, ribbons, and bows till your tree is just as pretty as your gifts.

Consider doing away with a tree altogether and using your ornaments to create a central display. You could hang them from the ceiling over your gift pile or hang them on the wall in the shape of a tree to create the feeling of a decorated tree. This is great if you have family heirloom ornaments you can’t bear to part with.

DIY Craft Christmas Decor – Photo Credit Pixabay

Many other things can be recycled to create holiday trees. Bottles, boxes, newspapers, and even wine corks could all be stacked or arranged in the shape of a holiday tree and painted or decorated for a festive look. With so many options, creating your green holiday should be no problem at all.



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