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How to add flavor to white rice

White Rice

Adding flavor to white rice is an essential step to enjoying your meal. Flavors excite our palate, as well as the color of our food. Why not add both?

Rice, in general, has been getting a lot of attention due to its nutritional benefits and how it is processed. White rice is highly processed and missing its hull (the hard protective coating), bran (outer layer), and germ (nutrient-rich core). Because white rice is highly processed, it lacks several vitamins that you will find in other types of rice. Check out this article in the reference section to learn more about white rice.

Is white rice the best option? Not necessarily, but there are instances where it might be the best option. For example, adding vegetables or meat to rice is a great way to flavor rice. Usually, white rice is used instead of brown rice. This is because white rice cooks much faster than most other types of rice. It is also very affordable and available in every supermarket.

White Rice

As a staple grain in many cultures, rice, in general, is by far one of the most liked grains. There are tons of sweet and savory recipes available. Adding flavor is not difficult. Fresh herbs, spices, seafood, meat, poultry, or vegetables are some ways to add flavor.

Here are some ways to add flavor to white rice:


Cooking rice with onion is a common way in the Caribbean. The onion is sliced and cooked in the oil to release its flavor. The onion is cooked until it becomes translucent and not browned. Water, salt, and rice are then added to complete the dish.

Fresh Herbs:

Herbs such as scallions (also a spice), parsley, cilantro, dill, and chives are great. They are very aromatic and also add color. Adding them during or after the last minutes of cooking is recommended. If you add these herbs while the rice cooks, they will not retain their bright greenish color. The taste may not be the same as well.

Rice with herbs


There are tons of vegetables you can add to rice. For example, cabbage, a popular vegetable and an excellent source of vitamins K, C, and B6, is perfect with rice. When mixed with fresh tomatoes, it is the perfect rice with a vegetable dish you can make. You can use vegetable or chicken broth and add spices for the broth. You can also add carrots and peas, which is a popular way to cook rice.

Adding meat, poultry, or seafood

Traditional Spanish rice paella is prepared with seafood, chicken, and sausages. Another recipe, Rice with Chickpeas and Chicken are delicious and easy to make.

Rice with Chicken and Chickpeas
Rice with Chicken and Chickpeas

White rice is also prepared as a dessert.

Rice is also prepared as desserts or even super. A bowl of rice pudding or sweet rice with raisins cooked with spices such as cinnamon and nutmeg is a favorite of many. There are many different and similar versions in different countries or the Caribbean Islands.

Rice Pudding
Rice Pudding

Cooking rice is easy, as you may already know or have heard. It is about knowing the ratios of liquid and grains. But again, not all types of rice are the same. There are different sizes and types as well. Whole grains, short grains, basmati, or jasmine are most common in supermarkets. Find a brand of rice you like and stay with it.



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