How to avoid food waste with leftovers

3 useful ways to avoid food waste with leftovers

Last updated on November 6th, 2021 at 11:00 am

Leftovers are budget savers and a perfect way to create new meals. Leftovers can be lunch for the next day or even dinner. There are so many ways you can avoid food waste, and it is just a matter of knowing how to preserve food and how to create new dishes.

Be smart about food storage to avoid food waste

The safest way to store food is in glass food containers or freezer food storage bags. Glass food containers are safe to use, reusable, and allow you to see what’s inside. Freezer food storage bags are safe to use as long as you buy the right ones and read the manufacturer’s instructions. They allow you also to see what’s inside. But the best part with freezer bags is that they are space savers.

You can label and date your freezer bags. They are great for meal planning and perfect for most foods.

How to avoid food waste with leftovers

Get creative with your leftovers to avoid food waste

One way to be creative with leftovers is to create new dishes. For example, leftovers from a roasted chicken or pot roast can turn into salads, sandwiches, soup, and pasta dishes.

  • Got leftover chicken? Create a chicken salad with leafy vegetables or even a chicken sandwich. It also goes well with pasta. Cook the pasta first, stir fry your shredded or sliced chicken with peppers and onion and mixed with cooked pasta.
  • How about Beef? You can do the same with beef. You can even create stew or legume with your leftovers as long as you have enough, of course.
  • Cooked and uncooked vegetables will give you tons of options, soup, stews and even with pasta.

Recipe inspirations to avoid food waste

Check out some of these recipes that use leftover cooked food or a resourceful way to use up vegetables:

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