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How to create the perfect salad with the right ingredients

No matter what you are eating for lunch today or tonight for dinner, a side salad is the perfect way to consume leafy vegetables or other types of vegetarian ingredients. Nowadays, green vegetables such as kale and arugula are trendy in salads. The best salad or side salads, in my opinion, are the ones you throw together with whatever you have in your refrigerator.

Not only they take less than 15 or 20 minutes to make, but that is also if the serving is for one or two people. Vegetables such as tomatoes, radishes, and celery are usually considered add-ons. Have you ever noticed how those add-ons help spice up restaurants’ salads?

Healthy Salad


Let’s not forget the variety of fruits you can add! Peaches, pears, apples and even watermelon. These fruits add texture and flavor. The typical use of salt and pepper would go nicely with a salad mixed with vegetables and fruits but how about adding some zest.

Most salads need the perfect condiment. Adding my hot and spicy mango condiment will add the perfect kick to your homemade salad dressing. Adding just the right zesty taste make a lot of difference. And you only need to add just a small amount to add some zest to your vinaigrette.

healthy salad
Healthy Salad

1. Make the salad dressing.

You’d be surprised how quickly a dressing can come together. A small amount of the Hot and Spicy Mango condiment, mixed with fresh ingredients give the dressing an extra punch of flavor. Once you taste it, you will want to make it all the times. Just remember the classic ratio for creating a basic homemade vinaigrette.  Three parts oil to one part vinegar.

Knowing the right ratio helps a lot. You can mix and match lots of ingredients such as shallots, scallions, and herbs. For a more acidic taste, you mustard, and for a slightly sweet taste, add honey. Don’t forget that using a whisk will keep it emulsified.

2. Be Cheesy!

Adding cheese make a salad more satisfying and more exciting. Mixed with the perfect vinaigrette, you will have a meal full of exciting, bold flavors.


healthy salad

It is deliciously fair to say that having the right cheese is essential. A smooth, creamy cheese, not too soft and buttery is perfect. You may also want to try to use crumble or shredded cheese if you like more texture in your salad. Just remember the contrast between the acidity of the dressing, the cheese, and the veggies, all must create a rich and succulent taste.

Lastly, always remember that homemade vinaigrettes are better for your health when you use the right condiments.


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