How To Cultivate Gratitude

How To Cultivate Gratitude

Can you cultivate gratitude? Cultivating gratitude is not easy to do, but it can be mastered.

Life can be such a busy experience, and it’s easy to lose sight of what’s important in the midst of all that hustle and bustle. Slowing down and noticing the little things that fill your life with joy and make it easier is a good way to reduce stress and improve your overall wellbeing. With such a beautiful world around you, it seems like it should be easy to find plenty of things to be grateful for. But cultivating the habit of noticing those things isn’t always intuitive.

Keeping a journal to help keep up with cultivate gratitude

Keeping a journal in which you list things that made you grateful every day or week is a good way to start noticing even more things. As the habit of journaling becomes a part of your routine, you’ll find yourself looking for things to record. Specifically hunting down things to be grateful about takes your attention off annoyances and stressful situations that are beyond your control.

Keeping a journal
Keeping a journal – Photo Credit: Pixabay

Create a goal you can accomplish

Make it a personal goal to give at least one compliment every day. You can offer a kind word to a stranger, or lavish your loved ones with new praise every day. You can also use your daily compliment for yourself as you face the mirror each day. The act of seeking out positive traits to remark on makes it easier to notice those traits first overtime.

Set Goals
Set Goals – Photo Credit: Pixabay

A Thank You card

Write Thank You cards for as many events or gifts as you can. If someone recently hosted you for dinner, slipping a Thank You card into the mail is a pleasant way to brighten their day. This used to be a standard etiquette routine but has fallen away in favor of email and texts. A handwritten note is a charming way to let someone know how much you appreciated their gesture.

Thank you card
Thank you card – Photo Credit: Pixabay

A gratitude board

If journaling really isn’t your thing, consider starting a gratitude board. You could take photographs, pin up newspaper clippings, and display bits and bobs you’ve collected on walks or trips. This visual reminder of all the things you love the most will make it easy to get a burst of gratitude every time you see it.

Vision Board
Vision Board – Photo Credits: Pixabay

Get involved in the Community and Cultivate Gratitude

Giving back to the community is perhaps the best way to cultivate a sense of gratitude for the bounty you enjoy. Find a cause or facility that you support and volunteer or donate to them. The gratitude expressed to you by those you serve will only increase your own sense of being blessed in your life.

How To Cultivate Gratitude
How To Cultivate Gratitude

Make gratitude a part of your daily life to increase your overall mental and emotional wellbeing.


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