How to Eat a Balanced Meal on Vacation -

How to Eat a Balanced Meal on Vacation

Last updated on September 20th, 2021 at 07:14 pm

How to Eat a Balanced Meal on Vacation

While on vacation you may find yourself eating out constantly and wondering how you may get a balanced meal. There are a few things you can do while on vacation to ensure you stick to your healthy meal eating plan while still enjoying the local food.

Special Ordering

When eating at a table service restaurant, it is okay to customize your meal to accommodate your diet. For example, if you are looking for fresh vegetables instead of mashed potatoes, ask your server for substitutions. More and more restaurants are accommodating customers who want to customize their meals. Make sure to be specific with what you want so your order turns out balanced and delicious.

How to Eat a Balanced Meal on Vacation -
How to Eat a Balanced Meal on Vacation

Local Market

No matter where you travel, find a local farmer’s market or supermarket to purchase fruits, nuts, seeds, and vegetables that can be eaten as snacks throughout the day. This way, if you only have a sandwich for lunch, you can pair it with fruits or vegetables you bought from the market completing your meal. Furthermore, you can snack on nuts and seeds throughout the day to keep you feeling full and providing you with energy for all the sightseeing and walking you will be doing.

Share Meals

Most restaurants have serving sizes that are large enough for two people. When traveling, considering sharing meals so your money goes further and you have a more balanced meal. If you have groups of four, choose a couple entrees with some healthy sides and eat it family style. The same can be done to accommodate any size of group.

Eating a balanced meal on vacation can be simple and can be done by keeping a few things in mind. Find a local market, share meals, and order exactly what you want when sitting down at a restaurant to achieve your balanced meals on vacation.


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