How to Freeze Fresh Ginger

How to freeze fresh ginger

If you love to use ginger for cooking, then you’ve probably wondered how to freeze fresh ginger.

Ginger is one of the most versatile ingredients in the world. It offers several health, medicinal, and culinary benefits. While you may be able to enjoy ginger a piece at a time, some perks come with buying it in bulk.

Purchasing and freezing ginger will allow you to utilize a bulk purchase, even months after the fact. Doing so will save you money and ensure that you always have ginger on hand for your favorite Ginger Nectar or smoothie.

What at the benefits of fresh ginger

Ginger is known as an anti-inflammatory and antioxidant food. It also contains many other antioxidants like gingerols that can help reduce inflammation in the body.

Ginger is a great pain reliever and may help with bacteria growth. It helps relieve nausea, bloating, and gas lowers blood sugar, and may help lower cholesterol.

With every food, there are always some side effects. Too much ginger will cause heartburn, diarrhea, and abdominal upset and will irritate your mouth and throat, according to the National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine.

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How to freeze fresh ginger

You will need the following to freeze fresh Ginger

To freeze fresh ginger, a few items are needed. You will need a knife, a paper lunch bag, a freezer bag, and a marker. Depending on the number of gingerroots you have, you may need 2 – 3 paper and freezer bags. Another tool you will need is a cutting board.

How to use frozen fresh ginger

  • To freeze fresh ginger is simple. If you have large knobs of gingerroot, simply cut them into smaller, more manageable pieces.
  • Place the smaller pieces in a paper bag and a freezer bag. Don’t forget to label the bag, the name of the ingredients, and the date.
  • Place in the freezer for later use.
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How to freeze fresh ginger

How to thaw frozen fresh ginger

To thaw frozen fresh ginger depends on how you want to use it. If you are making tea, you can thaw it in the refrigerator overnight or for a couple of hours. To slice ginger, follow the same method.

One of the best ways to enjoy frozen ginger is by grating it. Simply remove the peel with a sharp knife and grate—no need to thaw the ginger for this method.

Is it worth buying ginger in bulk?

It is certainly worth buying ginger in bulk. Next time you are at the supermarket, make a price comparison. You will be surprised.

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