How to keep your dried herbs and spices mixture fresh

How to keep your dried herbs and spices mixture fresh

Keeping your dried herbs and spices mixture fresh is easier than you might think. Dry herbs and spices mixtures do not expire, but they lose flavor over time.

The answer to how often you should replenish, how often you should buy, and how much depends on your cooking style. Now that we got this out of the way let’s dive into how to keep adding flavoring to our favorite dishes.

Every 2 to 3 months, I inspect my pantry and refrigerator for expired store-bought foods. (this does not include fresh vegetables, eggs, milk, and cheese) This routine is cost-efficient as I have become accustomed to looking for expiration dates on all items and ingredients. Since I use Noubess products for cooking, I also asked more questions from our partners to better answer the emails received about the products.

Proper storage is necessary for your dried herbs and spices mixture.

You’ve heard it a million times, store your food correctly. This is also essential for your condiments, spices, and oils. Your pantry and kitchen cabinets are ideal for storing spices. You may want special shelvings to organize your cooking and baking herbs separately for your pantry. Also, you will use seasonings jars, bags, or bottles in small quantities that are better stored near your cooking space, a cabinet, or a drawer, for example.

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Keep your dried herbs and spices away from heat.

You have probably seen specialty shelving for the kitchen walls or carousels where you can store your spices. The carousel usually comes with bottles/jars already filled with spices. If empty, you can add your blend of herbs and spices. The problem with those is 1) they take up space on your kitchen counter, 2) they are best located near the stove, which is terrible for them.

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Dried herbs and spices mixture or seasonings should not be placed near heat. They should be in a cool, dry place like your cabinet or pantry. Another factor that will affect your herbs and spices is humidity. Unfortunately, humidity is not your best friend, even with spices. The mixture of herbs and spices will clump up in the container or packaging.

Let’s not forget bright shiny lights that also will affect them. They can produce heat and humidity, which will affect the color and quality of the spices. So please keep them in dry, cool places for freshness.

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