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How to Keep Your Spices Fresh

Steak Seasoning with spoon and jar

The ideal way to cook is to use fresh spices. Keeping your spices fresh will help you cook meals that are delicious all the time. Lately, we’ve been getting several questions about spices and tips on how to preserve them. I went away for the weekend, and I left my dried spices Noubess pouch open. Can I still use it? My spice bag fell into the sink filled with water. Can I use it after it dries up?

The answer to these questions will depend on the circumstances. First, let answer one of the most questions asked. Dried spices don’t generally go bad, but they do lose flavor over time. That is why it is essential to store them properly and buy as you need.

Although dried spices don’t commonly go bad, storing is essential and the type of seasoning. Ground and whole spices, when appropriately kept, will last for a long time. Before we dive into why we chose to sell Noubess seasoning in pouches, here are some tips to help you get the most out of your spices so you can keep creating delicious meals for yourself and your family.

Steak Seasoning with spoon and jar

Keep them away from water.

Water will spoil your spices; it is that simple. If the pouch comes into contact with the water, immediately remove the content and transfer it to another container or a glass jar, preferably. The bag is not water-resistant. The water will start to hydrate the spices and spoil if you do not use them immediately in your cooking. Avoid putting your spice bag, pouch, tin, or jar near the sink while cooking. Things fall into the cooking pan or the sink when you least expected! We all have experienced it many times.

Humidity is the enemy, keep them away from heat.

Heat is a massive destroyer of many ingredients in the kitchen. You put your pasta noodles away, so why not store the spices in a safe place? Putting them near your stove is not ideal. The spices should be kept in a dry, cool place and away from humidity. When your spices are heated in their container, the intensity may change the taste and flavoring as the packaging may be affected. So, store your spices away from heat at all times, so they don’t start to clump together.

How to keep your spices fresh

Always purchase what you need.

We all love to buy in bulk! Spending hours at the supermarket is not fun when the lines for the cashier are long. It is true that you save money when you buy in bulk but not for everything. Buying spices in bulk is a good idea if you use them right away or within a couple of months. It is more economical to purchase the number of spices you will need for a month, for example. Depending on the amount of cooking you do, you can easily calculate how much you will need. So buy enough and as you need. Otherwise, the spices will start to lose flavor.

Let’s dive into why we chose that particular packaging.

We chose the packaging because we want to make a difference in the world. We want to do our part. We’re giving you a choice to transfer your spices into your favorite jars or glass containers. Here are the top reasons for choosing this packaging:

  • Heat and light affect seasoning and spices, so the packaging has to be able to fit into your spice cabinet or pantry.
  • Safer for the environment because the bags/pouches are made with recycled paper
  • Many people hold on to spice containers or buy spices racks with glass bottles, so we want them to transfer their spices.
  • Many people keep the spices in the bags because they like throwing them away after usage. We want to live a minimalist lifestyle.
  • They are space savers. The pouches can fit anywhere in your cupboard or pantry.
  • Remember that your ground spices and spice blends don’t have a shelf life, so we wanted to make sure that the packaging would preserve freshness.
  • And lastly, we fell in love with the packing because it is user friendly, keep the spices fresh, and looks good on your counter or in your pantry. 🙂

Always keep your container spice sealed and continue to make culinary masterpieces. 

Initially published by Team Noubess on 29th July 2020

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