How to pick the right athletic shoe

How to pick the right athletic shoe

How to Pick the Right Athletic Shoe

With so much to do and see in the Caribbean, chances are you spend a lot of your time walking around, which means your feet deserve attention. And by attention we mean picking the right athletic shoe for your lifestyle. Far too often people pick a pair of athletic shoes based on the color, pattern, or brand name without investigating what kind of technology it offers, and what kind of activities it’s meant for. I know I have done that a few times.

In this story we’ll break down the main categories of athletic shoe to help you figure what type you need. Your feet will thank you for it!

Running Shoe

When referring to athletic shoes people often call them “running shoes”. A running shoe is actually a very particular type of athletic shoe that is meant for just that, running. These types of shoes often offer added cushioning that is meant to cushion the foot as you run. They tend to be very lightweight, made out of breathable fabric, and are ideal for people who have issues with heel pain, tendinitis, and shin splints.

How to pick the right athletic shoe
How to pick the right athletic shoe

Cross Trainer

A cross trainer is ideal if you do a variety of activities because it actually combines technology from different types of shoes. It offers plenty of flexibility in your foot giving you lateral movement, it is usually lightweight, and is ideal for someone that doesn’t have any injuries or foot problems. This one doesn’t offer as much shock absorption.

Walking Shoe

If your main activity is walking, then a walking shoe is the ideal shoe for you. Just like the other shoes this one is very lightweight but it is specially designed to prevent issues that happen when you walk a lot – such as heel pain, the ball of your foot feeling as though it’s burning, and if you need shock absorption. You’ll find a walking shoe is usually stiffer at the toe versus that of a running shoe.

Basketball Shoe

If you think about basketball players you picture someone who is moving around quickly, and making very fast changes in their direction and speed. A basketball shoe is able to take these quick and sudden changes by absorbing shock and then allowing you to redirect your energy. They allow for jumping, lateral movement, and changing in speed.

Making the Right Choice

If you’re still unsure of what shoe to pick, try writing down all the activities you like to perform and check where the majority of these fall in terms of what type of shoe. When ready you will be satisfied with your choice and purchase.




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