Important Uses For Apple Cider Vinegar in The Kitchen!

apple cider vinegar

Apple cider vinegar is probably the king of all vinegar because of its incredible health benefits, numerous cooking and cleaning usage. Apple Cider Vinegar has many uses in the kitchen.

Most people have a bottle of apple cider vinegar in their cabinet or pantry. This type of vinegar is mainly used in cooking in many households. If you knew more about its use in the kitchen, would you use it more? I believe the answer is definitely yes.

Important Uses For Apple Cider Vinegar in The Kitchen!

What is apple cider vinegar?

Apple cider vinegar is fermented juice from crushed apples. Like apple juice, apple cider vinegar may contain various vitamins and minerals and dietary fiber. Apple cider vinegar may also contain acetic acid and citric acid. But it can be hard to know exactly what’s in some apple cider vinegar products. There’s no actual definition of what a product must contain to be called apple cider vinegar. For this reason, the amount of each component of apple cider vinegar may vary from product to product. https://www.webmd.com/vitamins/ai/ingredientmono-816/apple-cider-vinegar

Usage in the Kitchen

Apple Cider Vinegar is an essential ingredient in the kitchen. There are many ways to use this type of vinegar. One of the ways many Caribbean people use this vinegar is to clean and season meat.

This practice has been around for many years. Although the U.S. Government or the Federal Food Administration recommends not to clean or rinse meat, this process will never go away. There are too many reasons to ignore this practice.

Usage in the kitchen

  1. PICKLING: to pickle fruits or vegetables, Apple Cider Vinegar is definitely the way to go. It adds flavor and quickly pickles the ingredients while adding a deep and fermented flavor.
  2. MARINADE: perfect when marinating meat and a great substitute for Balsamic Vinegar. It adds a hint of sweetness and sour taste.
  3. PRESERVE FOOD: an effective preservative acidic agent, people have been using apple cider vinegar for thousands of years.
  4. POACH EGG: when poaching eggs, adding a little bit of vinegar will add flavor and can also speed up the coagulation, or clotting, of the egg whites.
  5. WASH VEGETABLES AND FRUITS: many people believe that vinegar will remove the pesticide residue from vegetables and fruits.
  6. FLAVOR ENHANCER: for vinaigrette, sauces, and soups, it helps revive the taste and add a little bit of acidity when needed; this vinegar does a great job. In baking, it helps with flavor and texture.
  7. CLEANING AGENT: may help get rid of bacteria from plates, utensils, pots, and pans. Great for cleaning dish racks, table mats, countertop, refrigerator, small appliances, and tools. Helps to remove grease.

From the numerous usage listed above, you can see that this ingredient is simply a lifesaver in the kitchen. A must-have in the kitchen and don’t forget to use white vinegar as well.

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