Meal Plans

Simple and Healthy Meal Plans

Tasty recipes, helpful cooking tips, practical tools, and wellness tips that will inspire you to cook delicious and healthy meals for yourself and your family while staying fit and healthy!

Caribbean Green Living is a place to find not only nourishing and simple recipes, but cooking inspiration, and motivation for your journey to living a healthy lifestyle.

I’m not a doctor or a “health guru” – I’m just a passionate person like you striving to create a healthy lifestyle, and I am guessing that you want to join me in my journey to a healthier and stress-free life.

The recipes are simple, tasty, healthy and created with everyday ingredients. Let’s get cooking!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Are Frugal Caribbean Meal Plan ideas a diet plan?

No. These meal plans are simply a way of eating delicious healthy without spending the extra money, and energy it takes to plan, prepare, and put together nutritious meals throughout the week. I give you ideas on what to cook to create healthy eating habits you will enjoy. Your meals are prepared with fresh ingredients and easy to follow steps.

I follow a special diet. Can your meal plans ideas be adapted to fit my diet needs?

Of course they can! That’s why I provide a full nutritional information for each recipe. The recipes are categorized by type. Several of the recipes can be altered depending on your needs. Because many ingredients naturally contain a certain level of sodium, I therefore do not add a lot of salt to the recipes. When you see “salt, to taste”, it means you add the amount of salt you are comfortable with of just none.

My family is full of picky eaters. Will they like these recipes?

Every family has picky eaters don’t feel discouraged. The recipes contain narrative, my opinion, experience, and even nutritional benefits as a way to help you make better choices. I believe in cooking meals in their simplest form, the Caribbean way.

My meal plans have been extensively trialed by friends, families and even strangers/acquaintances with very specific needs and tastes. The recipes selected for the Frugal Caribbean flexible and easily adjustable, so even the pickiest eaters will enjoy them.

What if the servings don't accommodate the size of my family?

Each meal plan serves between 4 – 6 people unless otherwise noted, but it’s simple to modify. Simply add or subtract a serving size in order to meet your family’s needs. Don’t forget that leftovers are always great the next day if you don’t feel like cooking again or to bring lunch to work.

How do I access a meal plan after I've purchased one?

After you’ve purchased your meal plan, you’ll be directed to a web page containing the meal ideas for the meal plan.

What format do these meal plans come in?

The meal plans are all posted on the website because we care about the environment. We try our best not to waste paper. Access the recipes and meal ideas from any computer, tablet or phone wherever you are.  You also have the option of printing the recipes if you wish.


“Thanks so much. I am enjoying the plan so far. Thanks for all your hard work. My husband and my son enjoy your Chicken with Rice and Chickpeas. ~ Natacha

“Last night I was cooking dinner and my 9-year-old daughter came up to me and said, “you know what, papa? Eating at home tastes better than eating in a restaurant!” I have been following your blog for years and tried several of your dishes. I just want to say thank you for the motivation to cook healthy and tasty meals for my kids. ~ Jack B.C

I recently purchased your Frugal Caribbean Membership Plan and I have to say that my life is so much easier! I used to refuse to plan ahead. Now I have to say that planning and writing my grocery list is becoming much easier. Although some of the ingredients are not available in my area, I am able to substitute. Thank you for your recommendation. This week is going much better with your help. Thanks again! ~ Kelly

Gemma, I love your recipes; I just made your Soupe Z’habitants it is delicious. ~ Marjorie

Hi Gemma! We’re big “foodies” and loving your recipes. We don’t travel to the Caribbean very often. To have recipes so simple and to the point is a blessing. I never thought I could create dishes with “a taste of the Caribbean” as you said. Loving the idea! Thank you so much! ~ Olivia

I purchased your Frugal Membership a while back and I am so happy I did. I like the idea of not being restricted with a set meal plan. I like my freedom!!! Give me ideas. Kudos to you! Glad to support you, Gemma. ~ Angela

“Loving the meal plan so much! Not quite the same as the others. Thank you so much!!! ~ Sarah

Your bread soup saved me. I was sick one night and I managed to make it – I had more energy afterwards.  Thank you for this great plan. ~ Valerie