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Vin Koze avec Hemler Mauricette

Vin Koze - Hemler Mauricette

“Strength, Passion, Integrity, and Motivation” 

An internationally acclaimed, self-taught artist Hemler Mauricette’s affinity for art began in his teenage years. His earliest illustrations were produced at the age of nine, and at sixteen, he embarked on a successful professional career. Nature, life’s experiences, and the daily struggles of people have facilitated his art education. 

After experiencing the 2010 Haiti catastrophic earthquake, Hemler Mauricette’s determination emerged through art. Using surrealism and expressionism, Hemler demonstrates the realities of life in his beloved birthplace of Haiti, along with his current home in the U.S. 

In 2018, Hemler’s work was recognized by the City of Orlando. His work was displayed at one of the nation’s largest airports, the Orlando International Airport in Florida. Hemler’s artworks have been showcased worldwide at art fairs and venues in Mexico, Chile, France, Spain, Haiti, and the United States.

Hemler Mauricette’s mission is to inspire and influence young artists by teaching them values through art and the power of positive expressional art. 

Hemler Mauricette’s dedication to his craft can be summed up in his artist’s statement, “Through myself I find art, and through art, I find myself more, which gives me a deeper perspective about the person I am today and am becoming.”

Vin Koze avec Hemler Mauricette
Vin Koze avec Hemler Mauricette

A more personable part of our Vin Koze Guest Hemler Mauricette

1) Tell us about yourself. (few sentences should be enough)

I am a self-taught visual artist. My main aspiration is to influence young artists by teaching them how to express themselves positively.

2) Tell us about your interests, hobbies, and what you like to do for fun.

I am interested in leaving a legacy behind. I travel a lot, and I write poems. When I am not painting for work, I paint as a hobby and for every reason and season. 

3) When making career decisions, what matters most to you?

The sense of happiness and freedom. If you love what you are doing, you might never feel you are working.

4) What is “art” to you?

Art is my best language. Art shows off god’s talent in us. Art reveals god’s talents in us.

5) What is one piece of advice your parents gave you that has stuck with you?

My father told me that men should never disrespect mothers because they carry us miraculously for 9 months and will continue to care for us for the rest of their lives.

6) Favorite childhood game(s)?

Riding horses.

7) Favorite Haitian snack(s)?

Haitian Patties or Accras

8) Favorite Haitian dish(es)?


Red Kidney Bean Consomme
Red Kidney Bean Consomme
Eggplant with Blue Crabs
Eggplant with Blue Crabs

To learn more about Hemler Mauricette, you can visit him at the following:

Website address: https://www.hemlermauricette.com/

Facebook: hemler.mauricette


Twitter: @MuseumHm

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