Vin Koze avec Patrick Noze

Vin Koze - Patrick Noze

Patrick Noze is a man of many talents. From childhood, he was introduced to the art world by his father, Robert Noze, who had an important place in the history of art in Haiti, having studied under Andre Dimanche and earning his reputation as a renowned sculptor. Patrick Noze became a third-generation sculptor, painter, and poet.

Born and raised in Haiti, PAINTING is all that defines Patrick Noze.  At age 5, Patrick’s father presented him with a box containing oil paint and brushes; he had never stopped painting.  Patrick became recognized as an artist at the age of 12, after painting his rendition of a painting entitled (‘Rara’), a celebration of pass over within the Haitian culture. His father, overwhelmed with his first attempt, sold the painting for $50.00 to a tourist who fell in love with his laymen’s application of colors.

Painting by Patrick Noze
Painting by Patrick Noze

Let’s learn a little bit more about Mr. Patrick Noze.

1) Tell us about yourself.

Patrick Noze is a Haitian American Artist who has dedicated his entire life to Art excellence. I am an authority in all facets of Art genres and a mentor to those fascinated by fine Arts.

2) Tell us about your interests, hobbies, and what you like to do for fun.

I restore vintage cars for fun. I love dancing and fine Haitian cuisine.

3) When making career decisions, what matters most to you?

Career decisions are determined by your desire to find a challenge and something you love doing.

Vin Koze with Patrick Noze
Photos Credit: Patrick Noze

4) What is “art” to you?

Art is my life, and the importance of Art is essential to the survival of the human race. That is how we record our civilization. When the power of technology goes out, art will prosper.

5) What is one piece of advice your parents gave you that has stuck with you?

My parents are the platform for my success. They remind me constantly that I’m important; my gift and talent are my livelihoods.

6) Favorite childhood game(s)?

Playing with toy cars and paint.

7) Favorite Haitian snack(s)?

My favorite Haitian snack is “Douce Lait”

8) Favorite Haitian dish(es)?

I like Pain mais (cornbread), kabrit (goat meat) and Poison (Fish).

Want to get in touch with Patrick Noze? Or find out about ongoing events?


Instagram: @patricknoze | Noze Art Studio

Museum: www.novicemuseums.org

Patrick Noze - Event
Upcoming Event

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