The Best Ways to Wash Vegetables and Fruits

The Best Ways to Wash Vegetables/Fruits

Let’s talk about washing vegetables and fruits.

So you’ve gathered up all kinds of vegetables and fruits, and now you’re ready to cook with them or eat them raw. Before you do, they need to be washed. What seems like a simple enough task can be a bit tricky.

Are you the type that runs cold water over them and considers them clean? Maybe you leave them to soak in a bowl of water, or perhaps you have another method you like to use. In this story, we’ll take a look at the best ways to wash your fresh vegetables and fruits.

Straight from the Garden

Now, if you’re getting your produce straight from your garden, then it’s a little less confusing on how to go about it. You’ve seen the conditions the item has grown in, and you know that no pesticides have been used on it. This means you can do it with just a simple wash using water.

What’s interesting is that a study was done at the University of Maine. The study showed that washing your fruits and vegetables with plain old water eliminates approximately 98% of the bacteria. When talking about homegrown items, 98% is usually a substantial enough number.

Washing Vegetables and Fruits
Washing Vegetables and Fruits

Vegetable and Fruit Washes

There are some products on the market that claim to wash the bacteria from fruits and vegetables. While you may be tempted to give them a try, they don’t usually perform any better than plain old water, according to that same study at the University of Maine.

A Thorough Cleaning of your vegetables and fruits

So if you are buying your items from a local farm, market, or store, you’ll want to take a more thorough approach to wash. First off, steer clear of using detergent or soap on the vegetables and fruits. As well make sure you wash your own hands well before you begin handling the produce. You may want to invest in a vegetable brush to help with the process; be sure you only use it for vegetables, so you aren’t contaminating it.

You can create a solution that uses one part white vinegar to three parts of water for extra cleaning. Soak the produce in this solution and then rinse them well with clean water. This won’t ensure your product lasts longer, but it’s meant to give it a good cleaning if that’s what you’re looking for.




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