Top DIY shell crafts for kids -

Top DIY shell crafts for kids

Last updated on September 20th, 2021 at 07:13 pm

Top Shell DIY Crafts for Kids

Although there is no shortage of beautiful sunny days in the Caribbean, there are those times where the skies cloud over and the rain begins to fall. If you happen to have young kids, keeping them entertained and out of trouble on those days you’re stuck indoors can be tricky. That’s exactly why we’ve put together a few DIY crafts using seashells that kids can try. These activities are meant to keep them busy, out of trouble, and at the same time having fun. You may just discover you have an artist living under your roof!

Start your Collection

Now before you get started on any of these, we need to take a step back and have the kids collect a variety of shells in all shapes, sizes, and colors, on those gorgeous days you’re outdoors. Keep your collection somewhere handy so you can pull it out when needed.

A Shell Centerpiece

Here’s a craft that the kids will love to create, and at the same time gives you something beautiful to display in the home. This is a shell centerpiece that can be displayed on your table, on the counter, or even in a bedroom. For this craft you’ll need a variety of shells, a hot glue gun, and a plain glass bowl or vase. Depending on the age of your kids you’ll need to help them out with this one.

Squeeze out a little of the glue onto each shell and allow kids to place it anywhere they like on the glass bowl/vase. The keep doing this until the entire surface is covered in shells. Allow the craft to dry overnight, and then you can find the perfect place for it.

Top DIY shell crafts for kids -
Top DIY shell crafts for kids

A Seashell Pet

Perhaps you’ve heard of a rock pet? Well here’s a chance for kids to make their own seashell pet. You’ll need a large shell, a variety of smaller shells, some colored paint and a couple paint brushes, googly eyes, and glue. Begin by painting the large shell, which will act as the body of their pet. They can then use the smaller shells to make paws, ears, fins, or anything else on their pet. Paint these smaller shells, and then glue them in place. Finish off with the googly eyes.

Seashell Photo Frame

For this craft you’ll need shells of various sizes and colors, paint and paint brushes, a plain white photo frame with a wide border, and hot glue. Begin by painting all the shells. Allow them to dry and then glue them to the perimeter of the photo frame. After allowing the shells to dry, you can add your favorite photo.





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