Natural Sleep Remedies

Top natural sleep remedies

Last updated on September 20th, 2021 at 07:09 pm

Top Natural Sleep Remedies

Are you having trouble falling asleep? Maybe you can fall asleep but find yourself waking up often so you just never feel rested. It doesn’t take long for lack of sleep to catch up with people both mentally and physically, so it’s never wise to let it go on for long before acting on it. If popping an over-the-counter sleep aid isn’t for you, but you still need a little help, then these natural sleep remedies may be exactly what you’re looking for.

Create the Perfect Sleeping Environment

In order to get a good night’s sleep you need to create the perfect sleeping environment. Typically people sleep best in a dark room, that is cool (not cold), doesn’t have any distracting noises (a TV is one of those distractions), with cool crisp sheets, and a light blanket that allows your body to breathe.

Set up a Routine

Another important factor is that you need to set up a bedtime routine and stick to it, even on the weekends. This means going to bed at about the same time every night, and really creating a healthy sleep habit.

Chamomile Tea

Just before bed have a nice warm cup of chamomile tea. If you need to sweeten it just use a small amount of honey instead of sugar.

Natural Sleep Remedy - Chamomile Tea
Natural Sleep Remedy – Chamomile Tea

Exercise in the Morning

Many people think it doesn’t matter what time of day you exercise, but if you’re one that suffers from insomnia then you’re best to workout in the morning. By doing it at night it may leave you to awake and alert to then shut down for the evening.

Warm Milk

This is one of those sleep aids that has been passed down generation after generation, and there’s a reason for that – it works! Heat up one glass of milk and sip this slowly before bedtime. It tends to have a relaxation and soothing effect that will help your body to get into sleep mode. This technique is similar to the effect a big turkey dinner has on people, it just makes you feel satisfied and tired.

Natural Sleep Remedy - Warm Milk
Natural Sleep Remedy – Warm Milk

Steer Clear of the TV

While some people can fall asleep watching TV, for others it just is too much of a stimulant. You may find it useful to turn the TV off about 30 minutes before bed. Instead you can relax with a book, maybe some meditation, light stretches, or even some calming nature sounds.



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