Top Water Sports =

The top water sports

The Top Water Sports: Living in the Caribbean gives people access to some of the most beautiful natural scenery there is in the world, as well as access to some of the clearest most stunning water. It’s no wonder that water sports are so popular throughout all the islands. We’ve compiled a list of the top water sports for you to check out, maybe it will help you discover some new ones to try out!

Scuba Diving

When it comes to scuba diving the Caribbean offers some wonderful opportunities to enjoy the sport. This can be a very leisurely sport done on your own or with a group of friends. You can purchase your own equipment or rent it from any number of places. What’s great is that every level of scuba diver can find opportunities in the Caribbean, it satisfies both the newbies and seasoned pros.

Kite Sailing

Here’s a beautiful looking sport that will have you standing on what looks like a surfboard, with your feet firmly secured. At the same time you are wearing a harness and hanging on to a large bar with a massive kite attached to it. You will fly along the surface of the water as the wind catches the kite. This one can get pretty spectacular once you are experienced, and it’s not unusual to see people jumping through the air.

Top Water Sports =
Top Water Sports

Sea Kayaking

If it’s relaxation you’re after then sea kayaking can prove to be quite tranquil and beautiful. This is typically done in calmer areas of water so you can take your time and really enjoy the beauty and peacefulness of it all.


If you live in the Caribbean then snorkeling really is a must-try adventure at least once in your life. Again you can purchase your own equipment if you plan on taking it up as a regular hobby, or you can rent equipment to give it an initial try. Because the waters are so clear in the islands, you’ll be able to see to great depths and distances and experience the underwater life that you may not have known existed.


Maybe not so much a water sport, this water activity is ideal for those who don’t feel the need to get into the water in order to enjoy it. Setting out on a gorgeous sailboat and then taking charge and sailing the boat yourself is a rewarding and delightful experience.







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