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Vin Koze with Chef France Michel

Vin Koze - Chef France Michel

I had the wonderful pleasure of interviewing and chatting with Chef France several times. Chef France is an ambitious and humble individual.

During our conversations, I was struck by Chef France’s passion for food and commitment to excellence. She is constantly striving to learn new things and improve her skills. She is also incredibly humble, despite her many accomplishments. She is always willing to give her team credit and learn from others.

I am confident that Chef France will continue to achieve great things in the culinary world. She is a true inspiration to me and many others in the Haitian Community.


Born and raised in Haiti, Chef France grew up in a loving and warm home. She spent most of her time in the kitchen with her mother, where she developed a love for cooking. She watched her mother and father cook from scratch with fresh ingredients, and she soon discovered that she had a special gift for cooking.

Her family and friends encouraged her to pursue a career in culinary arts, and she studied at Anne Marie Desvarieux and Florida International University. She is a member of the Haitian Culinary Alliance and the National Black Chef Association in Atlanta (NBCA 50 States), where she was nominated in February 2020, 2021, and 2022.

During the pandemic, Chef France volunteered to cook for first responders at the North Miami Police Station. She also served as the official chef of Diner en Blanc Fort-Lauderdale 2023, where she fed 500 guests.

Chef France creates dishes from the finest, highest quality ingredients. When asked what makes her food different, she simply says, “Love.”

Chef France is based in Miami, Florida, and runs her own Epic Catering & Planning Services LLC catering business. She also works as a private chef, promoting Haitian food to a wider audience.

Vin kose with Chef France Michel

Past Clients and Events:

Celebrities :
Christie Blinkly , Billy Joel , Tara Banks , Bill Oreilly , Steven pulsburgs , the New York Nicks, Jennifer Lopez , Usher wedding. Zoe Solo, Wyclef Jean, Fatima Altieri, Troubleboy Hitmaker, Shabba etc…

Here are some of Chef France’s signature dishes:

  • Griot: Fried pork marinated in citrus and spices
  • Soup Joumou: Squash soup with beef and vegetables
  • Lambi: Conch stew with vegetables and spices
  • Riz Kole: Rice and beans
  • Pâté: Haitian meat pie

Chef France is passionate about sharing the flavors of Haiti with the world. She believes that food is a powerful way to connect people and cultures.

Let’s get a bit more personal and comfortable with Chef France.

1) Tell us about yourself.

I like to inspire people with my cooking. I am passionate about food and cooking, and I believe that a career as a chef would allow me to share my love of food with others. I am also a hard worker and eager to learn from the best chefs. I want to step up my culinary career and gain more experience.

I became interested in becoming a chef when I realized how much happiness and joy food can bring people. In culinary school, I learned the importance of flavors and scents and the warmth they can bring to others. A simple recipe can bring back memories of childhood, while a multicultural dish can remind others of a favorite country. When people taste each of the dishes I create for them, I enjoy seeing them feel this happy.

I am confident I have the skills and passion necessary to be a successful chef. I am eager to start my career and confident that I can make a difference in the world through food.

2) Tell us about your interests, hobbies, and what you like to do for fun.

a) Volunteering

I am very passionate about volunteering. I believe it is a great way to give back to the community and to keep myself involved. Volunteering helps me develop my inner self and keeps me from becoming self-absorbed.

When I volunteer, I connect with others and make a difference in their lives. I also learn new skills and gain valuable experience. Volunteering is a rewarding experience that I highly recommend to everyone.

b) Working Out

I believe that the only competition you have is your own personal best. When I work out, I am always challenged to do my best. I find peace and satisfaction when I raise the bar and am always inspired to do more.

Working out is a great way to improve my physical and mental health. It helps me to reduce stress, improve my mood, and increase my energy levels. I also find that working out helps me to sleep better at night.

c) Reading

Reading is a skill that requires patience and concentration. It has contributed greatly to my development as a well-rounded individual. I enjoy reading and am a good reader, so it is one of those hobbies that spills over into everything else.

Reading helps me to learn new things, expand my vocabulary, and improve my writing skills. It also helps me to relax and de-stress. I believe that everyone should make time for reading in their lives.

3) How to Make Good Decisions

Making good decisions is an important skill that can help you in all areas of your life. Here are a few tips on how to make good decisions:

  1. Understand the decision you need to make. What are the options? What are the potential consequences of each option?
  2. Consider who or what will be affected by your decision. How will your decision impact your family, friends, colleagues, and other stakeholders?
  3. Gather as much information as possible. Talk to people who have been in similar situations. Read books and articles on the topic. Consider your own experiences and values.
  4. Weigh the pros and cons of each option. What are the benefits of each option? What are the risks?
  5. Make a decision and commit to it. Once you have made a decision, don’t second-guess yourself. Stick to your decision and work towards making it a success.

4) Culinary Arts

Culinary arts is a broad term that encompasses food preparation, cooking, and presentation. It is a creative and rewarding field that allows people to express their passion for food and share their culinary creations with others.

There are many different types of culinary arts, including:

  • Restaurant cooking: This is the most common type of culinary art. Restaurant chefs prepare meals that are both tasty and aesthetically pleasing. They must have a solid understanding of food science, nutrition, and diet.
  • Delicatessen cooking: Deli chefs prepare various cold dishes, such as sandwiches, salads, and soups. They must have a strong understanding of food safety and sanitation.
  • Institutional cooking: Institutional chefs prepare meals for large groups of people, such as hospitals, schools, and hotels. They must be able to cook large quantities of food quickly and efficiently.

Culinary arts is a challenging but rewarding field. If you are passionate about food and have a creative flair, then a career in culinary arts may be the right choice for you.

5) What is one piece of advice your parents gave you that has stuck with you?

My mom always told me life is all about hard work and challenges. Work hard every day, and strive to achieve your greatest potential.

6) Favorite childhood game(s)?

Jumping ropes (sote Kòd); Box hopping (Marèl); Playing and cooking for my dolls (jwe ak poupé)

7) Favorite Haitian snack(s)?

Plantain chips (Papita); Ice Cone (Fresco)

8) Favorite Haitian dishes?

Fried snapper and plantain served with pikliz; Legumes

9) Social Media

Facebook: France Michel
Facebook: epic Catering Planning & Servcises LLC
IG: chef__france
IG: epiccateringplanning
Tiktok: Chef France
Website: www.chef-france.com

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