What is Fowl Chicken
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What is Fowl Chicken?

Not to be confused with Guinea Fowl, Fowl Chicken is referred to as a domesticated barnyard chicken. There’s not a lot of information about domestic barnyard chickens online. You will find information about free-range and organic chicken. I can see fowl chicken categorized as free-range but is it organic?

That answer, unfortunately, is not a yes or no. I am hoping that it is organic. But again, the information on how these types of chickens are raised is not available. The chicken is packaged differently compared to conventional chickens. The chicken is also not found in all markets.

This type of poultry is prevalent among Caribbean islanders. Range-free chicken, closely related to fowl chicken, is widely consumed in the Caribbean. Because of the similarities in taste and its health attributes, it is the preferred poultry of many immigrants. It is considered healthier than conventional chickens.

Where to purchase Fowl Chicken

Fowl chickens are primarily sold in “Live Poultry & Meat” markets or specialized local markets. These regional markets are usually located in a high populated Caribbean/Latin America area.

Fowl chickens are priced higher than regular chickens. When bought at a live poultry market, the chicken is as fresh, and the taste is different than if it was prepared to be sold at supermarkets.

The meat is tough. Yes, it is! This is not your ordinary poultry that will take about 1 hour to roast or less than one hour to cook on the stovetop. This type of poultry is best cooked in a pressure cooker, a slow cooker, or a crockpot.

What is Fowl Chicken

Best way to cook

Fowl chickens are not cooked the same way as regular chickens. The reason is because of their tough meat. A heavy bottom pan such as a dutch oven is ideal if you do not own a pressure cooker or a crockpot. When using a dutch oven or a heavy bottom pan, cooking time is about 2 – 3 hours on low heat.

As long as you have patience, the result will be surprisingly good. You can check the Easy and Simple Fowl Chicken recipe by our team member Natacha.

Fowl Chicken Recipe

Why you should and why you should not

You should cook fowl chicken if you are looking to try something different. My sister Erika and my friend Natacha will tell you that no other poultry can come close to the taste. On a serious note, the taste is exceptional when seasoned correctly. The right seasoning blend will even entice you to eat the bones. Not that I am suggesting, but you need to try this meat once.

You should not try fowl chicken if you’re looking for a lot of meat. This type of chicken, as mentioned before, is not your conventional chicken. The meat is tough and needs to cook for a long time. Lastly, the bird is not as fattening as the other types of birds. So this is not your type of bird if you’re looking for substantial chicken legs.

Don’t forget to check out the recipe shared by Natacha, Easy Crockpot Fowl Chicken Recipe prepared with Noubess seasonings.

Here’s a list of items you will need to cook your poultry.

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