14 Common Misconceptions About Meal Planning
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14 Common Misconceptions About Meal Planning

Meal planning often gets a bad reputation. Fortunately, that’s mostly due to misinformation, and we can help you fix that.

Here are 14 misconceptions and myths About Meal Planning that you need to forget for good:

  1. Meal planning is expensive: The reality is that it doesn’t have to cost more than you can afford. Taking advantage of your local sales circular can help you save money.
  2. Planning meals takes too much time: Again, by planning your meals, even if you only take ten minutes to come up with a list of dishes or ideas, you are saving yourself a lot of time each night.
  3. You have to plan a meal for every night of the week: Some nights can be plan-less. Others can be leftovers.
  4. You have to cook something new every night: Why? Cook what you want.
  5. Leftovers aren’t part of the plan: By all means, use them!
  6. Meal plans are complicated and make cooking a chore: Meal plans are designed to make cooking easier. They can be simple, too.
  7. You can’t plan meals on a budget: The great thing about meal planning is that you can plan great meals at lower costs if you get creative.
14 Common Misconceptions About Meal Planning
14 Common Misconceptions About Meal Planning 10
  1. You must always stick to the plan: A plan isn’t set in stone. Just have a list of meals available and use them as you wish.
  2. You need to have a stocked pantry and fridge at all times: You can always go to the store.
  3. Not having enough variety: Planning meals can be what you make it. Leftovers can help with creating more meals.
  4. Only rich people and stay-at-home moms plan meals: This is just false.
  5. You can’t eat the same meal twice: Says who? Again, cook and eat what you want. Leftovers are lifesavers.
  6. Meal planning means more groceries: You can plan meals that require fewer ingredients if you want. Look for recipes that require 3 to 5 ingredients.
  7. I can’t afford the plastic container investment needed for meal organization: Planning isn’t prepping. Planning means coming up with a list of meals for the week.

Planning your meals for an entire week for yourself or your family can be easy if you have the right tools.

Here are a few options that may help:

  • A meal planner is a great option to help you stay organized. We created a simple meal planner you can use to help you get started. Under the days of the week, write down the meals for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks. On the right, add the adding/ingredients for your shopping list. Download your guide below!
Download Meal Planner
  • Leftovers are a great option as mentioned before. For example, meatloaf is one of those recipes that you can create several meals. You can serve it with rice, salad, pasta and even make a sandwich the next day.
  • Make use of PBA Free bowls and Ziploc bags. They help with meal organization and are perfect space savers.
  • A meal weekly planner that includes a shopping list is a great option. Don’t forget to download your free planner below.
Screen Shot 2019 12 26 at 12.48.59 AM
Download Meal Planner

Go to our Recipes Index for meal ideas.

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