What are Djon Djon mushrooms or Haitian Black Mushroom

The Djon Djon mushroom is a type of black fungus that grows primarily in the mountains surrounding the Artibonite River valley. This delicate mushroom is commonly cooked with rice, hence, Rice with Djon Djon, Diri ak Djon-Djon, or Riz Djon Djon.

Djon Djon Mushrooms: A Haitian Delicacy

Djon djon mushrooms, also known as black Haitian mushrooms, are a culinary treasure. Hailing from Haiti, these unique fungi boast a rich, earthy flavor that can elevate various dishes.

Djon djon mushrooms come in two forms: dried or cubed. If you encounter the dried variety, be sure to soak them in hot water for 30 minutes before cooking. This simple step rehydrates the mushrooms and awakens their full flavor potential.

But don’t be fooled by their dark exterior; djon djon mushrooms are surprisingly versatile. They add depth and complexity to classic dishes like:

  • Rice: Djon djon mushrooms are a staple ingredient in Haitian “Diri Djon Djon” (Black Mushroom Rice). The earthy mushrooms beautifully complement the fluffy rice and create a signature Haitian dish.
  • Stews: Simmering djon djon mushrooms in stews infuses them with a savory richness. They pair particularly well with heartier proteins like beef, chicken, or goat.
  • Sauces: Djon djon mushrooms can be finely ground or pulsed into a flavorful powder and used as a seasoning for sauces. This adds a unique depth of umami to your favorite sauces.

With a little creativity, djon djon mushrooms can become a secret weapon in your kitchen, adding a touch of Haitian flair to your meals.

Where to buy Djon Djon Mushrooms?

This type of mushroom is not available in all markets. You may find it in certain West-Indian and Haitian Markets. The Maggie Djon Djon is easier to find than the dried mushroom. You can also find it on and

Djon Djon mushrooms (dried and in cubes)
Djon Djon mushrooms (dried & cubes)