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Fresh Chicken vs Frozen Chicken

Fresh Chicken vs Frozen Chicken

There is a lot of controversy between fresh chicken vs frozen chicken, but mostly everyone will agree on one thing: fresh beats frozen!

The quality of fresh chicken vs frozen chicken can vary widely. Some people prefer fresh chicken because it tastes fresher, while others prefer frozen because it’s more convenient.

There are a lot of factors to consider when comparing fresh vs frozen ingredients. When talking about chicken, taste, texture and moisture matter. You will have to decide based on your health needs and budget. What’s important to you may not be for another person.

Does fresh chicken taste better than frozen chicken?

There is no doubt that fresh chicken taste better than frozen chicken. It is also the same answer when comparing fresh chicken from a “Live Poultry Farm” that has been frozen and a store-bought frozen chicken.

The first thing to consider when buying fresh chicken is when you will cook it. Many people buy poultry at a “Live Poultry Farm” to cook for the day or the week. Many will buy poultry for the week and others for the month. We also know that the longer the chicken stays in the freezer, the taste and texture will change. Would you sacrifice both taste and texture over store-bought chicken?

And again, many cooks will tell you yes! If you are an avid cook like myself, you will also prefer fresh over store-bought frozen chicken anytime.

Fresh Chicken vs Frozen Chicken
Fresh Chicken vs Frozen Chicken

Why is fresh chicken more expensive than frozen chicken?

Buying certain ingredients in bulk will save you money; there’s no denying the facts.

Fresh chicken is more expensive than frozen chicken for many reasons. Store owners will never discuss pricing with anyone. So don’t try to figure out how they price that frozen pack of chicken legs. What matters to them is how many they can sell a day and how fast.

When comparing pricing, a store-bought frozen chicken will beat the pricing of fresh chicken any day. In some places, you can pay less than a dollar a pound for a whole chicken, whereas, in the Live Poultry Farm, this will not exist. You will pay well over $3 a pound for a fresh whole chicken.

Another factor to consider when buying fresh chicken vs frozen chicken is size. Fresh chickens are usually larger than whole frozen chickens. When buying a whole chicken at your local supermarket, the most common sizes are 3 and 4 pounds chickens, whereas, at the farm, it is almost impossible to buy a 3-pound chicken. Most likely the weight will be 4 pounds and over.

The last factor to consider is variety. Depending on your location, you will have different breed options when visiting a Live Poultry Farm or Livestock Farm. The most common Chicken Breeds are

  • Leghorn White: this is the typical commercialized chicken found in most live poultry places. This type of chicken is usually referred to as white chicken because of the color of its feathers. This breed of chicken produces white eggs, and the meat is very soft and tender. It also cooks very quickly compared to other breeds.
  • Rhode Island Red: also called red chicken at the live poultry farm, has reddish feathers. This type of chicken produces brown eggs, and the meat is a bit tougher than the white chicken. It needs more time to cook.

The “red chicken” is more flavorful than the “white chicken.” If you intend to visit a live poultry farm near you, just ask for red chicken. If you try to ask for the correct breed name, they will not be able to help you.

What is the difference between fresh chicken vs frozen chicken?

Size: As mentioned earlier, the size of the chicken will vary depending on the location and place of purchase. The 3-pound chicken is the most common size sold because it can easily feed a family of 4 – the standard family size set by the American society.

Chicken parts: You also have the choice of buying cutup chicken parts; sometimes, the pieces will be larger than the normal size of a whole chicken. This is a great way to buy chicken in bulk when you don’t mind frozen chicken.

On a side note, it is scary when you notice how huge the chicken’s cutup parts are. The legs are usually larger than the normal size. That makes you wonder what the chickens are being fed.

Taste: there’s no comparison. Fresh chickens are better than store-bought chickens. Fresh chicken has a better taste and texture and is juicier.

Price: if you are on a strict budget, the price will matter, and that will take precedence over your lifestyle needs.

Where to buy fresh chicken and advantages

There are many advantages to buying fresh chickens.

  • you cannot compare the freshness
  • the taste is better
  • The butcher will clean the chicken (remove the feathers etc.) and even cut it into smaller pieces which is a great idea if you intend to create several meals.

Although there is still some cleaning you may have to do, like removing any remaining feathers, it is still a great idea to buy fresh chickens.

Fresh Chicken vs Frozen Chicken – recipes

Can I cook fresh chicken and frozen chicken the same way?

Absolutely! You can buy and cook a fresh chicken like you would cook frozen and then thawed chicken. You would use the same amount and type of seasoning. The cooking time may be slightly different, and the same goes for different breeds of chickens.

How to store fresh chicken

It is very easy to store fresh chicken. If you asked the butcher to clean cut the chicken into smaller pieces, it will be easier to clean them. Here’s how I clean my chicken.

  • Remove any leftover feathers and unwanted extra fat or skin.
  • Place the pieces in a large bowl and spray with vinegar. Rinse with water, drain, and thoughtfully pat dry with paper towels.
  • Or rub lime or lemon onto each piece, rinse with water, and thoroughly pat dry with paper towels.
  • Place into a freezer bag and store in the freezer.
Fresh Chicken vs Frozen Chicken
Fresh Chicken vs Frozen Chicken – in freezer bags

For a whole chicken: You must remove the extra feathers from a whole chicken and follow the same cleaning process. To store the whole chicken, wrap it first with plastic wrap before placing it into a large freezer bag.

You may wonder why you need to clean the chicken. The saying about what you don’t know won’t hurt – so don’t follow the crowd. If you can avoid certain circumstances, it is a great idea to be proactive and feed yourself and your family the best and healthy way possible.

Nutritional values of fresh chicken vs frozen chicken

Chicken is one of the most commonly consumed high-protein foods. It is widely available and you can find tons of recipes in every cuisine. Take a look at the recipes we have on the blog.

Takeaways: Ultimately fresh chicken vs frozen chicken – the two types of chicken will provide you with the nutritional values, with fresh chicken actually providing a wider variety of nutrients. Both have their pros and cons, with fresh chicken being more expensive and frozen chicken being more convenient. Choose what you like and can afford.


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